Preppy Summer Bags?

  1. To me they seem kind of feminine and whimsical, very cute. Not something that I personally could pull off, and I'm too hard on things I'd have that shell broken the first time I wore it! But if it is you go for it!
  2. I like the clutch but that's it.
  3. I agree- the clutch is by far the cutest and the one that I would choose too!
  4. Hard to tell without seeing a bigger pic, but I'm not feeling them so much. They're like baskets that became purses via a bow.
  5. I am not a fan,sorry.
  6. Not my style personally, but very cute and fun for the summer.
  7. They look like beach bags! The clutch says party in the Hamptons to me... which isn't a bad thing. Not my cup of tea, but I'd admire them on someone else :yes: