Preparing to buy my first Chanel bag...but will it be available?

  1. Hello. New to the Chanel forum but have been spending ages in here looking at all of your lovely photos!

    I am going to Nice next week and luckily they have a Chanel Boutique there!:smile: No Chanel in Edinburgh:sad:

    I have finally decided which bag I would like (borrowed a pic that Swanky posted)


    The GST.

    My question is, am I going to go to Nice and be very dissapointed? Are these paticular bags very difficult to come by? Should I not have my heart set on this one?

    Any thoughts appreciated:smile:
  2. Not sure about that particular boutique but they're fairly common. I don't foresee any problems but that's here in the US.

    Good luck though!!!!!! :yes:
  3. Alloutte:

    Thanks very much for the info!

    Here's hoping...
  4. I don't think you will have any problems! :smile: It's a classic Chanel piece that all boutiques carry - the GST w/ gold hardware is gorgeous choice, have fun in Nice! :smile:
  5. i still see some at Chanel boutique some weeks ago, I guess.hehehe...
  6. Siri Anne, this is the bag I've got my eye on too for my next purchase as soon as funds are available. You can always mail order from the Chanel in Selfidges if you don't find it on holiday, I've seen this in there a few times. Good luck this bag looks fab on everyone I've seen it with.
  7. The black with silver hardware will be much harder to find.........still waiting for mine.......
  8. Thanks everyone!

    FieryFashion: Thanks! Looking forward to Nice, and can always check out the Chanel in Cannes if Nice doesn't have the bag i want:smile:

    Syma: Thanks for the tip! I'll check with Selfridges if I don't find it in Nice or Cannes! I was just hoping to try one on and see it IRL before having to order one sight unseen. KWIM? Love your new Chanel, BTW:yes:

    Sappho: I was hoping to see one in silver hardware to do a side by side comparison, but maybe that will be easier said than done...we shall see! I hope your silver GST arrives soon.