Preparing my next buy _ in may :)

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  1. So as I've probably already told several times (I'm just so excited) I'm going to Las Vegas first week of may. What are the chances:
    A) I will find this bag there?
    B) It will be on sale?
    C) Someone will talk me out of buying it? I'm in love with it, but I know it's not the most practical bag AND it's expensive ...

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  2. Pish! You're asking for discouragement from buying it? :lol: I can't enable enough - buy it buy it buy it! I have no idea if it'll be in Las Vegas when you visit, but if it is you have to get it! It's calling your name, and it's just such an amazing bag! Who cares if it's practical? We all need a fun bag every once in awhile. :graucho:
  3. seriously doubt it will be on sale EVER! but I am pretty sure the boutique at Caesar's will have it!!:tup: and will not talk you out of buying it because it is GORGEOUS!!!
  4. Talk you out of a bag? Never! And what a perfect place to purchase it - the SAs at that store are so nice.
  5. go there, buy it, and revel in a boutique purchase!
  6. that's a very hot bag. there's no way i could convince you not to buy it. in fact, i plan on doing the opposite. i think it was the one spacey and i saw at the trunk show. wait until you flip over those ruffles. if you think the patterns are wild... :graucho: there's a good chance this might be a boutique exclusive and it won't be on sale. i doubt it'll ever go on sale. all the more reason to buy it. it has all the classic signs of being a one of a kind bag, joke!
  7. I LOVE that bag. If you can swing it, buy it!! I don't know what the price is on that one, but a lot of these bags are pricey this season. They are so great, though. Really unique and worth it. I agree, I doubt this will ever be on sale.
  8. If you really want some anti-enabling, I could offer my services.
  9. That bag is just MADNESS!!! (and I mean that in a really good way!) If you adore it, I say go for it - - It really is totally unique and very special!
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  11. that's a pretty unique one of a kind bag!!
  12. ooh thanks for making my day :smile:
  13. thanks spacey, and I still can't believe you found that ostrich BB at that price!!