preparing for my baby's arrival

  1. *bounce* I just bought my very first Bbag! I'm looking forward to her delivery in a few days, hopefully. :yahoo:w00t! She's sooo beautiful, I keep looking at her photos and smiling.:love: I can't wait to meet her!

    My question is...what do I need to do, ahead of time, to prepare for her arrival? (Other than getting a pre-emptive lifetime membership for Balenciolics Anonymous...I've been forewarned!) I've done some research here, and I found some threads about Apple Garde and Lovinmybags products, as well as vaseline and seal grease! I have used Shining Monkey on my LV vachetta with excellent results, but I'm not sure whether it's safe for Balenciaga leather. Or, is it OK to carry untreated dark-colored Bbags in unpredictable fall weather?

    Thanks in advance, for your patience with the newbie! :flowers:
  2. :yahoo: Congrats Hippie!:yahoo:

    What are you expecting? I'm so excited for you!:party:

    I have personally only used AG conditioner and spray to protect some of my bags. ( I have also used Lubriderm to get the "veinyness" out ). I think you may want to be prepared to use those products especially if the leather is "dry". Don't worry about the weather conditions. If it rains nothing bad will happen to your bag. I've taken many Bbags out in the rain and everything has been fine.

    Also, a great product to use would be the Lovingmybags products! I need to order those myself!

    First wait to get the Bbag and see how it is. You may not want to do anything to it if it is perfectly fine.
  3. Use "For handles only" and "Pre-treatment" from Barbara is an absolute sweetheart! Good luck and congratulations!
  4. ^^^What is the cost for the products? Do you know?
  5. ^^^ That is exactly how I feel! :party:

    After all the great responses from you and luvshopping90 and LivinLuxuriously and everyone else on my thread about size a few weeks ago, I decided to go with the City. I've been looking at the Documenting Colors thread :drool: and I really, really, really wanted an Ink - seems like it would be the quintessential winter black bag, but with an edge. I never thought I'd be able to find one in the City size...but with some help from a wonderful tPFer...I did!!!:jammin: Now I just want to be sure I can take good care of her when she arrives. :tender:
  6. Hippie! Congrats my friend! Love your line about membership in Balenciolics Anonymous. :roflmfao: That is SOOOO TRUE!!

    I'm so excited for you, not only because addiction mysery (and ecstasy) seeks company, but because you got an INK!! My favorite!

    Can't wait for your bundle of joy to arrive. Post pics!
  7. ooh... congrats on your new ink city!!! :yahoo:
    i personally never use any care products on my b-bags. i love it naturally :P
  8. I don't use anything on bags either, and especially with a dark color, I don't think you really need to. Congrats though! Can't wait to see it!!
  9. Oooohh....excellent choice! Ink is a great color for soooooo many reasons, and one of them is the fact that it does not show dirt, spots or wear nearly as much as other colors. I personally would give it a nice light spray with apple garde rain and stain protectant and then just carry it! Congrats!
  10. Congrats! I would LOVE an ink! Have fun with her!
  11. :roflmfao: when I saw this thread name...I thought...she must be a b-bag sister!! "preparing for my baby's arrival"...LOL! I call my bag my baby all the time and my bf thinks its weird :wacko: I also told my mom 'you have a granddaughter!' then proceeded to show her the bag...her face was classic! :shocked:

    Anyhow, CONGRATS on your ink :heart: Before my bag arrived, I purchased my Apple conditioner, apple garde, and LMB handle protector (which still hasn't arrived...come to think of it :cursing: )
  12. I'm just weird like that! With my LVs, I consider myself their mommy, I guess because I'm responsible for taking care of them. I'm sure that will carry over to Bbags. My family thinks I'm nuts too!:upsidedown: But hey, it makes us happy!
  13. ^^ ditto (unless they're thirsty or scratched ;))
  14. ^^ lol, we open our arms to bag nuts here :nuts:

  15. Thirsty!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: