Prepare yourself for something ugly and

  1. ...horrible. In short: Purchased in late November '06, sat in the closet, been using it everyday for almost a month. Ordinarily I'd say wear & tear, but I compared it to my DH's Epi wallet (bought in summer '05) and his has no little peeled cracks. What would you do?:sos: Another side of the wallet looks similar.

  2. Oh dear! I would bring it in and see what they can do.
  3. Oh gosh!!!! I would also bring it by your nearest LV to see what they can do. SUCH a gorgeous color!
  4. It happened to mine too...mine is in lilac....I guess this is inevitable for epi material :sad:
  5. the exact same thing happened to my mandarin epi wallet too in the same style as yours! i got mine back in 2004 from HK (?) and it started to wear away within the year. my last epi wallet never had that problem until it was nearly 6+ years old.

    anyway, i'm still using the same mandarin wallet with ugly edges that are now nearly gray/black. ick. but the rest of it is still in such great condition! let me know what they say if you take it to LV to check on repairs for it.

    good luck!
  6. Sorry to hear this :'( take it in and hopefully they can do something about it.
  7. Definitely bring it in and see what they can do about it. Oh dear...
  8. ^Sadly, it's been like this since the epi was launched. :sad:
  9. Oh! Darn. Should buy grey or icky colour Epi then.... So it' wont matter much...
  10. :wtf: after only a month of actual USE?! OMG I would take it into LV and complain - that would just bother me to no end.
  11. For these prices...that's a no-no... LV or No LV. I would definitely take it back and complain to no end!
  12. Eek! :push:

    So sorry that this happened to your epi. :crybaby:

    Take it in and hopefully something can be done. :shrugs:

    Good Luck! :heart:
  13. wow. Sooo, I won't buy an epi wallet then...ever...:confused1:

    Pinki, you know sooo much about all of this, so knowledgeable...:idea:
  14. oh No! It's only been a short while and besides, a wallet is for everyday..:sad: hmmm, I would bring it in to the store and see what they can do.:yes:

    What a gorgeous colour!!
  15. I don't think that type of wear is normal or acceptable. I would be in the store in a heartbeat.

    I have a 6 week old epi wallet and it shows no sign of wear....