Preparation: Violet Day or Twiggy

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Violet Day or Twiggy

  1. Choose me please- The pretty Violet Day

  2. Me me me - The cutesy Violet Twiggy

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Silly me but I want to prepare for the upcoming Violet explosion. I would :heart: to get both the Day and Twiggy in violet but am reined in by $$$.

    So there, please help by sharing opinions. Thanks much:smile:
  2. I just love the twiggy style...but it's up to you!
  3. just got my first twiggy. it looks really cute when it's broken in but if u don't fill the bag, the slouchiness means the handles are kinda in the way when u're unzipping/zipping with only one hand. my vote goes to the day!
  4. I voted for the Twiggy. A couple of weeks ago I got my first and I love it. I actually love the slouchiness of it and it's a good size bag.

    And what a beautiful color- VIOLET!!! yummy, yummy all the way!!!
  5. I choose twiggy, love the shape!
  6. Day -- I love this style. But I know you already have a Day, so if you'd like something different, then maybe the Twiggy's a better choice. Still would love to see the Day in violet, though! :yes:
  7. I LOVE LOVE the DAY in Violet! You won't be sorry!
  8. I'm so in L:heart:VE with my Violet Day I get a warm happy feeling inside just thinking about it! :love:
  9. Twiggy
  10. my first twiggy's on its way, and i do like the day style quite a bit, so my vote's for the day...i'm thinking about getting a day in violet too when f/w gets here.
  11. I just tied the vote!! BTW, my vote went to Day.
    Reason being, personally I already have the city, the work and they are all the same rectangle shape where it is more wide than tall. I think the Day will be a great addition because of its different shape!

    But if you already have day / brief, style in that shape, you should get a Twiggy!! God, i am no help at all...

    I want a Day myself!!!
  12. violet twiggy!! but i'm biased cos that's on my wishlist :P
  13. twiggy...
    depends on what you carry in your bag. i don't put tons of stuff in my bag so i think twiggy is a better size for me and it looks sooooo CUTE. i am the type hate fishing for stuff in my bag. but i do like the way Day look when it's carried.
  14. My vote went to the day style.....I don´t like the twiggy so that´s why. The day is a great style IMO...holds alot and still looks cool on your shoulder!

  15. DAY!!

    I have a Day and adore it. I previously had a Twiggy and wasn't a big fan :sad: