Preparation H

  1. I keep hearing of all these women using Preparation H for undereye circles and decided to try it. I figured I'm not using it on another body part so it can't be gross right?


    Man, the cream stinks! I know I know, it is meant to go where the sun don't shine, but come on! It can at least smell neutral, right?

    Has anyone else used it and found a way to neutralize the smell? How do you like it (for undereyes)? Does it cause milia?
  2. I've actually never head of using it for undereye circles but more for reducing bags/puffiness under eyes. Does it really work for circles? I know you can put it on, wait 20 minutes, wipe it off and it's supposed to make the skin under your eyes more taut--but I started using the MK under eye gel, I can't think of the name of, firming eye gel maybe? help with that. I don't know about the milia part though.

  3. IDK, but this made me laugh because I was watching tv with my father recently and he saw Bobby Brown (of all people to get beauty tips from) using it on his under-eye bags, so he asked me about it. Then he says, in all seriousness, "Cool! I need to try that!!" :shocked:
  4. Yeah, it's for puffiness, not dark circles. (It's for shrinking hemorroids, not changing their color.) People also use it for wrinkles (tightening up their skin).
  5. Thanks! I guess I don't need it afterall then (until the wrinkles or the hemmoroid start)!

    I did think it got slightly lighter as my undereyes are really red in the morning, but that could be due to mild puffiness being reduced so less shadow.

    But yay for no stinky eyes! :upsidedown: