Preparation for high school reunion-what did you do for yours?

  1. It's finally time for my 10 year union! :nuts:

    I'm going to two different reunions-one in two weeks and another in a month or so.

    I'm nervous because I have' nt kept in touch with most people from high school, plus I was'nt popular. I'm looking forward to reuniting with old friends...and facing old demons. :graucho:

    What you did to prepare and what happened during yours? I get visions of high school shenadigans all over again!
  2. I tried to make sure that I wasn' t pregnant...but that didn't work out for me, as I found out my 3rd was coming a few weeks before the event...but I did have an amazing time anyway...and felt fabulous in the dress that I wore...if not a little nauseous!!!
  3. ^^^ lol

    I havent had a reunion yet , it should be coming up soon , for it is 10 years this year for me all so
  4. Our class didn't have a 10-yr (because no one planned it!), but I just went to my 15-yr a couple of months ago.

    I made sure I had a great body hugging, figure flattering, and classy dress to wear with killer heels and bag. Then I just went and had a GREAT time! It was so fun to see everyone again and see how people had (and had not) changed.

    I was sort of a wallflower in HS, but I've since come out of my shell. I got voted "the hottest girl in the class" (at the reunion)! If you'd told me 15 years ago that would happen, I would have never believed it!

    Put on your favorite dress, shoes, and bag, and just have a good time! Let us know how it goes!
  5. That rocks! I got a new dress for mine, but telling people what I was studying (law) and where (top school) was the icing on the cake, the cake was when a guy I had a crush on for years told me he felt the same way!
  6. I went to and ordered free business cards.

    On the cards, I listed my name, personal email address, home address, and phone.

    The cards were handy during reunion - I had them ready to give people I wanted to reconnect with.


    The other thing I did was check with a few friends to see if they were planning to attend. One friend wanted to come but couldn't. So she sent me pics of her and her DH and DCs. I took them to reunion and posted them on the Pics Board. She was well liked so people liked seeing her pics.
  7. I hid!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: I figured that if those people aren't in my life now...I didn't have a reason to see them!
  8. We has a 5 year reunion. I didn't go. It's all the way back in the Philippines.
  9. We never had a 5 year because no one planned it, but I'm hoping we have a 10 year (which will be in 3 years). I really liked high school, and would love to see what everyone's up to now.