Prepaid Cell

  1. Does anyone here use a prepaid cell service? If so and you're happy with the one you're using can you let me know what it is?

  2. Hi! I have one from Trackfone. It works well. There are always coupon codes floating around for free extra minutes, too. One time they even called me with a code. I had a problem with my phone and they sent me a new one in two days. They didn't make me mail back the old one first, so I was never without a phone. Very good service.
  3. I use a prepaid cell (but I live in Germany so this may not apply, lol)...I have T-Mobile :smile:
  4. I have a Cinuglair Go Phone. Since I rarely ever use my cell, I just have to watch out that my minutes don't expire.
  5. my roommate uses virgin
  6. i have a prepaid and a plan, but on the prepaid i have Trac-fone and if you buy min.before the expiration date they give you an extra 30min with what you already have its pretty cool. The phone i have doesnt do much but my other one does alot.
  7. I use Virgin Mobile. I don't have any problems or complains about it.
  8. in denmark i have telia which i got because the day i went to get my danish sim card it was pissing down and the telia shop was the closest :lol: not to mention that the sim card wasn't properly registered so they gave it to me for free!

    in finland i have a kolumbus one because i lost my dna card, but i preferred the dna because i could buy tram tickets with it so i'm going to try to look into getting the number back but i'm not sure it's possible..