Preowned Vintage Alhambra Diamond pendant? Or 16 Sweet Alhambra necklace?


Nov 2, 2007
Hi I have a dilemma about VCA necklace, thanks for all of your opinions!

1. Do you guys think that approximately USD $5700 for a 10 years old vintage Alhambra diamond pendant is a good deal or not? It comes with paper and original box from a reputable seller.

2. I was thinking to wear it with my Vendome Paris pendant, will they look good together or is it too much to wear both at the same time?

3. I don't have any long VCA necklace or any diamond piece, should I just spend the money to buy a 16 sweet motif or 10 motif instead or a preowned diamond pendant?

What do you guys think?

Thank you so much again :smile:


Sep 27, 2013
I'd buy the pave pendant new if you really want it. I wouldn't buy a 10 year old piece if it is in current stock. However, I personally would not wear it with another pendant. Each Alhambra pendant is a standalone piece, in my opinion, other than perhaps the sweet size. A 10 motif would be very nice, also, however, I personally chose the pave pendant first because it can be worn with almost anything, whereas a 10 stone motif would be more limited in wear. The solid gold 10 would be a more versatile piece, though.