Preowned Roadster or New Tank solo?

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  1. Hello!
    So I am confused between two watches that I adore - Roadster ladies size SS and Tank Solo Medium in SS with leather strap.

    I have always loved the roadster, however, I didn't think I would own it as it was discontinued.
    And since the last few months, I have been thinking of buying the Tank Solo in medium size (leather strap).

    I had almost decided to get the tank solo, however, I happened to see a preowned roadster at a dealer's recently for the same price as the new Tank Solo, and now I am confused!

    Would love some advise on which one to go for from those who own these watches - does the roadster look a bit dated now? I find the tank solo very cool and modern, but have always loved the roadster too!

    I have attached images for ref. They are not actual photos of the watches, just images off pinterest.
    09670d74441ca95b9f9bddfed44e7354.jpg dd904924c03b282545cc65c1caeabe06.jpg
  2. I prefer the Roadster myself.
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  3. I have always wanted a Roadster, unfortunately Cartier discontinued. My local jeweler, who deals in high end watches, hunted and found
    a new one from an authorized dealer/jeweler. Finally got a beauty with a diamond bezel and couldn't be happier. Got a fair deal and
    all the paperwork.
    Love the tonneau-shape...very comfortable!
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  4. I love the roadster :smile: However it has to be the one that makes your heart sing! Have you tried both on? If not, then try them and hopefully one will just feel right.
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  5. I don't own either of these watches but I see a fair amount of Cartier timepieces where I live. Most are the Tank Solo. One lady I saw recently had on a smaller size Roadster, in gold, and it was just beautiful, not dated looking at all, and because I don't normally see the Roadster, I thought she looked a little more unique! I hope you get to try on both, I bet you will instantly know which one you prefer. I don't think you can go wrong with either one of these watches.
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  6. Thank you all for your suggestions!
    You all seem to be inclined more towards roadster :smile:
    I have tried both on a few times, but unfortunately, I was equally in love with both! LOL
    Still unsure about which one to get.
    Maybe I can get the roadster now, since it is hard to find; and buy the Tank later! haha
    I feel that whichever one I get now, I will still think of the other one!
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  7. It's never ending! :confused1:
    Good luck and keep us posted!
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  8. Indeed! :biggrin:
    Thanks, yes, will post here once I get it!
  9. Indeed! :biggrin:
    Thanks, yes, will post here once I get it!
  10. The Cartier tank solo with the leather strap is not on the website anymore. Maybe they are discontinuing it?
  11. oh? Not sure - I saw it at the boutique. Will go and check again!
  12. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! So I took the plunge and got the Roadster! :smile:
    Still love the tank solo and will probably end up getting that too sometime soon, but till then I am really happy with my new (to me) Roadster!
    Here's a pic - IMG_2200.JPG
  13. Beautiful! It looks great on you!
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  14. Thank you! :smile:
  15. It's gorgeous! Congratulations:smile:
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