you have any?

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  1. How many preowned bags do you all have and which ones? Do you LOVE them? Would you buy preowned again? I saw a great one the other day in Epi and thought about getting it. Just curious on where everyone stands. TIA!
  2. i started out with preowned, but i don't have any now. however, i think preowned is a great way to go. you can get bags that are in new or like new condition at a great savings! also, many ppl like having a bag that's seen some use- and they save money! either way it's a win!!!
  3. I'm too anal to buy pre owned bags;)
  4. Yes-I got the Multipli-cite from a trusted reseller on eBay for 1/2 price and I love it. It came in great condition-the patina is a light honey color-very little wear on the straps-thats the only sign its preowned. I am eyeballing a preowned Looping GM now. There are some pieces that I like alot, but don't LOVELOVE, KWIM? and just don't want to pay full price for, so I look for preowned models that are a little cheaper. Just check out the seller carefully and use this forum for free authentication if needed.
  5. i bought a preowned eugenie wallet , its in really good condition and i :heart: it
  6. I have 2 (Mono Speedy 25 and Mono Pap 26) and it was to see how I felt about LV in general, make sure I like carrying them, the styles, etc. They were my first 2, now ive only bought new, but for the moment, Im a student and cant buy many bags over $1000, so for bags from lines like Denim and MC, i wouldnt mind buying used again but not mono, damier, azur, etc.
  7. I don't currently own any pre-owned bags, but at one point I had a silver Reade PM and a Cabas Piano. I liked the fact that the Cabas Piano was pre-owned and had developed a nice patina, that way I didn't have to worry about setting the vachetta bottom on the floor. I loved that bag, and wish I hadn't sold it. Hmm :devil:
  8. yes, i have a preowned mc alma, and i love it just as much as all the others. :biggrin:
  9. Only discontinued, with the exception of the Illovo PM and an epi cles- I have the partition, epi buci, croissant pochette and the marley dragonne clutch.

  10. ^^^
    same here :yes:
  11. None. I get a bit of a rush going into the boutique. So often I buy my bags over the phone..and then go to the boutique to pick them up. I like walking out with my brown bag!
  12. Nope, not atm. But wouldn't mind as long as it's not one of the collectible pieces which you plan to keep.
  13. Not at the moment, but I have my eye on some on eBay. I'd buy used bags which I don't think are worth the money or discontinued / LE items. I don't mind a bit of wear but I wouldn't buy something that is terribly beat up.
  14. All my LV items in my collection are pre owned.I prefer the darker patina on pre owned.I can only afford buying pre owned at the moment but I have had some good deals.I have bought each one off eBay from my poupette recomended sellers only and I've had no problems whatsoever.Also I tend to get bored easily with my bags so sometimes I sell one to fund buying another which is great as I couldn't bear to see LV bags stored away and not getting much use.It works great for me :tup:
  15. my cerises speedy is pre-owned (just bought in january 2008). i love the honey patina so i would definitely buy pre-owned again.