preorders for spiaggia?

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  1. For those of you who preordered through pulse, how long did they have their preordering before they came in? If Spiaggia is supposed to come out in early May, shouldn't preorders for them start soon...?
  2. I was just thinking about that too. Since I preordered a month in advance for amore. I think I will give them a call or email them sometime this week and ask.
  3. Yeah, I just shot them an e-mail a minute ago. I hope once they ship out their Amores they'll start taking preorders for it!!

    Alrighty, off to work!
  4. They're shipping out their amore right now!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. If they are taking preorders, I am calling them about it lol. I won't miss out on my chance to get a Zucca this time >O
  6. I may get a zucca in spiaggia too. Since I don't own a zucca yet but then again I'm thinking BV also because it just seems like it would be a cute beach tote. :love:
  7. That's my logic too - The Spiaggia BV would be the PERFECT beach tote... now if they came out with a larger, actual beach tote sized bag in Spiaggia print, i dont care how much it cost, i'd buy it in a second!!
  8. I need to see better pictures of stuff before I can decide! Wahhhh
  9. What a great idea! How cute would be that be at the beach? I would worry someone would try and steal it though...cynical New Yorker that I am.
  10. I'm certain someone would steal it at Jones Beach or any of the NY beaches. I'm paranoid like that too b/c I'm a true New Yorker too!!
    That bag sitting on the beach alone would scream STEAL ME :graucho: STEAL ME :graucho: I'm :supacool: ...steal me!! :graucho:

    I think it's a little different here in CA but I'm still paranoid :sweatdrop:
  11. HAHA!! So true! I don't usually go in the water at jones beach tho, but if I did, I'd have to hide the bag under my towel or dig a hole in the sand LOL :p
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol: Dig a hole in the sand to bury your toki bag :roflmfao: Too funny but very true!! I'm always afraid someone's gonna steal my stuff while I'm in the water. :sweatdrop:

    So does anyone know about spiagga preorders? I want to see a bigger picture before I decide what I want. :shrugs: What does everyone else want??
  13. I'm looking at a playground ciao on eBay right now, so if I get that then I don't want a ciao in the spiaggia....

    If I don't need the whole print, then I want a dolce. Heaven help me if I think I need it all.
  14. I'm thinking a Mamma Mia because I don't have one yet and it seems cute like it would go with the whole beach theme since it looks like a tote.. I like the size better than the BV... But its hard to tell without seeing better pictures.
  15. I want to get the Spiaggia denaro, MM or BV (or both?), and maybe a gioco. :yes:

    As cute at the BV would be as a beach bag, that's a big no for me... Being someone that used to go to the beach every weekend (too busy right now), the sand is dirty and all my beach bags get scuffed up and dirty and ick even if I set my bag on my plastic Hello Kitty beach mat. No way I'd want that to happen to an expensive bag! :wtf: