Preorders at BNY

  1. Hi, I have never ordered (or preordered) from BNY before. How does that work? I would love to get a violet money wallet. I thought I read on a previous thread that someone got their order cancelled. Does that happen often? Do they call you when that happens? Do they confirm the order? I have read some scary BNY customer service stories so I feel somewhat apprehensive. Thanks for your help!

    Oh, and does someone have their contact number and the name of a good SA?
  2. haven't preordered from them (except for the magenta city) but their service is okay. i think you just need to be slightly more persistent and aggressive in getting what you want! calling them up to find out about the status of your order, etc..

    their number is 212 206 0872 and i've been speaking with kim and she's nice and helpful!
  3. I just tried to preorder a violet money wallet and was told that they don't preorder wallets (only bags). Is that correct or did I just get a wrong SA? She told to me to call back in July. Hmmm....
  4. I just spoke to Kim on the phone and asked her, and she said that they WILL be taking preorders for small leather goods; they just don't have "the book" (whatever that is) ready yet. She said to check back in a couple of weeks, or you could call her and give her your name and ask her to call you back when the book is ready.
  5. Thank you Fiatflux! I thought the SA I talked to was rude. I think I'll call back and ask for Kim.
  6. It really makes me go :confused1: when an SA behaves that way. They should be taking every opportunity they can to make a sale...and that means not being rude, for starters!! :yucky: Surely a $400-$500 sale is still worthwhile for the SA... Well, she missed out and she will not be getting credit for selling you that wallet ... her loss!!
  7. you also need to be super accurate about the color - i just pre-ordered a PLOMB city, but the first SA said it was called GRAPE, which is actually VIOLET!! i had to call back and have it corrected to STEEL - even BAL NY doesn't get the info right :cursing:

    Kim is a great one to talk to - good luck!
  8. I'm a little late in with this info, but I just (today) ordered a vermillion City from "Terry" at BalNY who was very nice. Good luck with it!!
  9. Another good SA is daphne...understand that she is on vacation, not sure if she is back to work....good luck~
  10. Terry took my preorder today and was super nice and helpful.
  11. What is BNY?
  12. Balenciaga New York
  13. I put in my fall order today with Daphne who I usually work with. I think she is very helpfull. One thing I ordered was a violet(which they are calling grape)mu clutch. She was able to check to make sure they are getting it in so they must have their small leather goods book now.
  14. Daphne is back to work as of Thursday.