1. I'm sorry if this is a silly question, but I'm new here. Where exactly is everyone pre-ordering the new prints? Are there pics of the new prints? Thanks!
  2. Great! Thanks!!!!
  3. Pre-ordering is pretty great. Less headaches and you don't have to run around crazy at stores trying to find the styles or print placement you want :tup:
  4. Ya it's funny. I had emailed pulse this week about current stock and they emailed me back if I wanted to preorder the new prints. I told them I was interested in tutti and transporto, both in the ciao ciao!!! :yahoo::wlae::yahoo:
  5. Ok I preorder the ciao ciao in transporto and i wanted a caramella, too, but pulse will not be receiving caramellas. Where can I preorder a Transporto Caramella? Thanks!
  6. So, what are the cons of preordering?
  7. no cons really IMO since you can cancel at any time before they ship it... returning kind of sucks a little since I don't like doing mail returns but that's about it... pre-order = great :smile:
  8. hhmmm but it's so fun to go run around the city looking for that perfect print! And then when you find it, man, the feeling is great! It makes it all worth it. I was thinking about for the famiglia but for that one I really want to see the print first. uuugghhhh to pre-order or not to pre-order..... Will I be able to order from pulse once the print comes out and request print placement? :confused1:
  9. If there's bags left over yes you can still choose print placement. I say preordering is better than going to see it IRL because what if you get there and it's already sold out? We all know how denaros sell out lmfao...and caramellas...or anything small in general haha. But, Famiglia..I say go for it and see it in person..I don't think it's going to be THAT much of a hit. I don't personally like it..but if it gets to 50-75% off, hell I'd buy one.
  10. You pay full retail price :wlae:
  11. ^Better than Hawaii prices ^__^ hahahaha.
  12. I would agree if I had any stores around me that carried tokidoki. :sad:
  13. Can you request certain placement when you pre-order from Pulse? (And if so, do you just email them a list of characters, or a picture of the section of print you like, or what? Or do they send you pix of the bags when they come in?)

    What's their return policy if you don't like the bag?

    And are there any other places that take pre-orders?