Preordering with PCE???

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  1. I apologize if this has been answered in another thread...I couldn't find anything quickly and I've logged on before getting ready for work (see how addictive this forum is!! )
    Does anyone know if we can preorder using the PCE on items that aren't available until next month? I've decided I really want the Leigh, but I think I want it in signature khaki/black vs. the citron leather, but signature isn't out until 7/30...
  2. Just call the 800 and see if it's available - then call your store!! Good luck!
  3. I pre ordered the legacy wallet with the PCE just ask what can it hurt?
  4. Actually, the Leigh is available to order right now in the khaki/black signature combo. I ordered one and returned it because the strap was too short for me. Gorgeous looking bag though!
  5. Yes, I also preordered the Legacy striped wallet that's not available until August.
  6. As far as I know you can. I was able to order the Gigi in clay, the Havanah pumps in natural, and two scarves from the new catalogue. I was limited only by my current budget. *bleh* I've heard it depends on the SA though.
  7. I know!! Those freakin' budgets!!! :cursing:
  8. ^They blow serious chunks!! There are at least two more bags I want to get out of the new catalogue and getting the extra 25% off would have been nice.
  9. BTW...your avatar picture... is that the Doctor on that show Firefly? My husband was obsessed and I mean obsessed with that show...