Preordering toys

  1. When you preorder toys are you charged at the time of preorder? At least that is what I thought I read when I was looking at Panik's and Tenacious Toys websites.
  2. Yes, I do think that they charge you at the time of preorder. I mean if they don't recieve money and just preorder it for everyone and you change your mind, won't that be bothersome/annoying to the companies? imagine alot of people not wanting the toy, leaving the company with hundreds of toys.

    currently my sister is ordering items from Panik, some of them are available while some are on preorder. They have already charged her money. but said that some of the preordered toys wont come in till december and they wont ship it for free until then. panik toys told her if she wanted the stuff that is available to be delivered now that she had to pay 6 bucks or so :o
  4. Thanks for clarifying. I think I'm just gonna hold off til the toys come out.