Preordering from Pulse

  1. Does anyone know if Pulse is still taking preorders for Vacanze? Also, how do I go about preordering? I could have sworn that my sister told me there was a place on their website to do it, but I can't find it.

    Do they usually get all bag styles, or only certain ones? Thanks!
  2. Pulse is still taking pre-orders, except theres not many styles left. you should email Casey and ask about what styles are left for you to pre-order. the email address is
  3. They definitely don't get all bag styles. I've asked for Stellinas several times... and they've never gotten those in the patterns I wanted. And unfortunately, they're sold out of Vacanze Avventuras... which is the one bag I wanted in that pattern. I've never had any luck with Pulse. poo.:crybaby:
  4. They are already sold out of the Campeggios too, which is what I wanted. I had great luck with the Lesportsac website for Transporto though, so I am hoping to get lucky again with Vacanze. :p
  5. weird? the response i got on August 15th was that these styles were left:

    For Vacanze I still have the following available: ciao ciao, scuola, cucciolo, gioco, stellina, bambino, portatelefono, and canguro.
  6. Me too. I'm going with lesportsac or nords. I'm pretty sure both will carry it. You just need to check the site daily.
  7. I hope the lesportsux website carries Vacanze..that would rock...then I could get a ciao :graucho:
  8. Yeah I'm trying to decide between a ciao and a bambinone. I don't have either one in my collection. I'll have to think about the adventura though. I may have to settle for a BV.
  9. I definitely want the avventura but I don't think I'll get it too expensive and I'm sure I'll hardly ever use it. I'm definitely getting the zucca and then hopefully a ciao too :p
  10. Yeah I feel the same way. The adventura is expensive and I've only used my BV once so far. So it wouldn't get used much but is so pretty on that bag. I'm stilll very tempted.
  11. OMG. They're actually getting Stellina in Vacanze? Unfortunately I don't think that's a good pattern for that bag style. I thought Trasporto would be great in a Stellina.. b/c it's not a scene, so it doesn't matter where it gets cut off.
  12. yeaa i don't want the stellina or the campeggio because with those styles the print usually repeats so you see the same thing two or three tiems on the front :s i do want the gioco because i think with the place under the zipper you can get a good part of the print :biggrin: