PreOrdering from Pulse... How exactly does it work?

  1. when you preorder bags do u basically get dibs on whatever print placement you requested?
  2. They will try to fill your request as best possible. I think it goes in a line though, whoever preordered first gets first picks.
  3. yep, and if they're short on denaro's or caramella's for example, people who pre-order those gets em first!

    I think last time there was only 4 Spiaggia Denaros! I got one of the 4, but ended up returning it. =0
  4. Yeah, I'm still thinking about my transporto I want to wait to see how it looks exactly.
  5. I'm thinking of canceling my trasporto and vacanze ciaos ... but still just thinking about it for now.
  6. hMm... do you think pulse and macys get their shipments in at the same time?
  7. I think Pulse gets their shipments wayy before Macy's. I only say that tho cuz in NY our Macy's are sloooowww in getting the new prints. I think the rest of the country gets new prints before we do in NY.
  8. ahh ic... cuz if i go to macys i automatically can use my moms 20% employee thingy but if it takes too long i dont wanna wait xD
  9. Yeah, recently Pulse gets their toki wayyyy ahead -- even before some of the Lesportsacs O__O lolz.
  10. 8D well if i get my order filled out i hope i dont look weird with a christmas bag in the middle of october
  11. Nahh, i'm sure it won't look funny ^__^ If anyone looks at you weird it's their problem :biggrin:
  12. :p

    anyways i hope the bags look cute as i think they will! the swatches are look great, so hopefully they will look even better on the bag ^__^!
  13. They had that little?? Wow... I feel really lucky then. I looooooooooove mine and was waitlisted at first!!
  14. Maya i didn't realize that either! Well according to Casey only 4 came in! I got the last of the 4, hence last choice in print placement for me! so i ended up returning it cause it wasn't what i wanted after all. But later i found one at Oshuns. =)
  15. just because you preorder doesnt mean u get one right? lol