Preordered from BalNY. What's my obligation exactly?

  1. Hi there,

    I'm on a pre-order list at BalNY for the City or First in blue india. I'll get to choose one based on pictures via email when they arrive at BalNY.

    If it turns out I don't want either, will I be required to buy something anyway due to being on the pre-order list? I gave my credit card number to Joseph cuz I guess that's how they keep your place on the list. But after I see the photos, can I just walk away from the list without making any purchases?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm learning here! :smile: Thanks much!
  2. my SA didn't take my CC number. i'm assuming in your case, he will automatically charge/send it once they receive it
  3. You need to confirm that arrangement but you won't be obligated to purchase. I've purchased in a similar fashion from Sarah and she just takes my number after I've approved the bag.
  4. nono.. definitely no obligation. Although, they MIGHT send you the bag and charge your card once your bag comes in. but i'm sure if you gave them instruction to call u before charging, they will.. =)
  5. In my experience with BalNY, a "pre-order" is just a waitlist with a credit card. Because they don't do waitlists there without a credit card. I "pre-ordered" a black city when the demand was through the roof last year and waited about a month with no call back. They had told me that though black was common, it was the most in demand - so the list was long, and they predicted it could take up to 6 months to get my hands on one. (WTF?) Finally I found one elsewhere so I simply called and told BalNY to take me off of their waitlist. They only charge you when they have the bag you're waiting for in their hands, getting ready to call you/ship it to you.
  6. From my experience with Kim...she took my cc info and she said that once the bag came in they would charge my card and send the bag off. From there you have an obligation to keep the bag or return it for another one. The only way there is no obligation is if you call before the bags come in and cancel the order.
  7. Thanks for all the responses guys, this is helpful.

    I'm guessing I still have an "out" since Joseph is going to email me pics of the two styles I'm interested in. He can't exactly auto-charge me for something if he doesn't know which one I want, right? I'm just worried that I'll be *required* to buy one of the two -- either the City or the Classique -- when they arrive. Has anyone ever been in this situation?
  8. I preordered a bag from Daphne at BalNY in May, and gave her my credit card info., but I changed my mind and canceled the order in early July, before the bag was shipped out. No problem at all.
  9. Cosmo thanks, good to know!
  10. yeppers, daphne said they don't charge you 'till the bag ships out ;)
  11. Thank goodness!!! I just bought a white classique off a PFer on eBay (at a great price!) and now may not have the funds for the Blue India after all. :sad: Otherwise I wouldn't even be asking this question. Oh well.