Prenatal Vitamins vs Multi Vitamins

  1. hi all, please advice can multivitamins be used as prenatal vitamins too? tia! :yes:

    my hubby and i are currently plannning for baby. in fact i suspect i maybe pregnant (3-4 weeks) but yet to be tested since it's still abit early. currently i'm taking 1 tablet of Centrum Complete From A To Zinc multivitamins and 1 tablet of calcium 600g daily.

    i understand prenatal vitamins are most important for folic acid. my multivitamins contains 600mcg of folic acid so i think i'm okay (let me know if i'm not!).

    the nervous part is Vitamin A. i read on most website recommending 4000IU maximum and the best kind is Beta Carotene. my multivitamin is Vitamin A 2000IU AND Beta Carotene 3000IU. is this okay?

    I even went to check our Centrum's website but the US version only has 4000IU :confused1:. my multivitamin is made in canada.

    thank u for reading this thread ;) and please let me know is it safe for me and baby (if there's 1 lol) to be continuing with my existing multivitamin? i intend to use it as prenatal vitamins if there's no concern.

    i've attached a picture of my multivitamins' nutritional information label. sorry for the poor quality.
    centrum nutritional information label.JPG
  2. I honestly have no idea. I know many pregnant women take Flintstones Vitamins if their PNs are making them sick!
  3. Prenatal vitamins have more folic acid (I think 1000 mcg?)

    But as lamiastella said, some people take Flintstone vitamins as well!

    I give patients prenatal vitamins rather than multivitamins if they can tolerate them (due to the higher folic acid content).
  4. thank u lamiastella and stacmck :smile:.

    i read on website 600mcg folic acid is sufficient although 800-1000mcg is norm for pregnant woman. folic acid is water soluble so the "extras" get flush out naturally.

    i also went to read on Flintstone Vitamins. it contains 400mcg folic acid and 3000IU vitamin a of which 33% is beta carotene. so the tablet intake is lesser than recommended.

    Am i overdose on Vitamin A for me and baby's safety? i'm having 5000IU daily :weird: (Vitamin A 2000IU AND Beta Carotene 3000IU).

    sorry for being so cautious and so much questions :wacko:.

    p.s. just to clarify i typo on the calcium - my intake is 600mg per tablet daily :p.
  5. My doctors always said if you are planning to get pregnant it is wise to take a prenatal for a few months prior, just to be safe, along with extra folic acid. I never seemed to manage to do that, but they said it was best. They even had me taking them several months after delivery just to be safe.
  6. You know - you really don't even have to take a prenatal vitamin. You can get the vitamins and minerals that you need through a well balanced diet - you just have to be a bit more careful. If you're really worried, have a talk with your GYN!
  7. You should really discuss this with a Dr to figure out what is best to take- he/she will be the best person to help you know what is good/not good.
  8. I think the iron and folic acid is higher on a prenatal vit but lower on vit A.

    Best to take the advice of your OBGYN just to be on the safe side.
  10. thanks all :smile:. i'll test for pregnancy soon and than decide. but my problem is i'm residing in another country now and the local residents do not even trust their own doctors regarding medicines/pills! i'll definitely check with gyn when i'm back at home in end aug if i'm pregnant and hopefully it's not too late.
  11. I'm taking two Flintstones with Iron a day as a replacement from my nasty prenatals. Every time I swallowed them, they came back out.. those things made me gag!!
  12. thanks for the reply juicy couture jen :smile:. i'm feeling more assure now (p.s. i :heart: azur too!)
  13. Anytime! :biggrin: Good luck on your pregnancy test!!!