1. I rented the movie PREMONITION......OH MY GOD................:crybaby::crybaby:

    Anyone see this????????????

    ..I freakin cried my eyes out.LOL!!!!!!!!!! was a good movie but holy moly....incredibly sad.......
    I would recommend u to see this if u r ok with incredibly:crybaby: sad...depressing movies..BUT well written.....LMAO.:rolleyes:
  2. The worst piece of crap Sandra has ever been in.
  3. Jill... aren't you giving away the ending, by telling us this? :lol:
  4. I devoted a whole thread to how much this movie made everyone in the theater offense Jill!
  5. I watched this last night and really can't recall when I was more frustrated with a movie. It's dreadful. The movie is awful, it makes absolutely no sense at all. The time jumps around which is part of the 'plot' (I use that term lightly here) however, the 'clues' that are given are flawed and there are too many holes and inconsistantcies in the so-called plot. At the end you're supposed to ask yourself if she was crazy or did it really happen. Well when you look back all you find are holes in both theories and realize that neither makes any sense at all.

    A complete waste of $2.99, 2 hours, and my intelligence.
  6. Agreed, I would have been more satisfied if it ALL turned out to be a dream lmao.

    Sorry Jill, we all still :heart: you!
  7. I haven't seen this but I would watch it for Julian McMahon in a shower. Sandra who?
  8. Julian has 2 seconds of movie time Hubba!
  9. I thought it was really good. Then again, I am on summer hiatus and desparate for entertainment.
  10. i watched this movie yesterday... it was entertaining, but not good. They never expanded on the one scene where she was in the hospital...dumb. So there was no point in even throwing that in there.
  11. OK remind me never to go to the movies with Jill!! LOL
  12. ^LMAO..Bite me Selena........

    U know u liked this movie too....ROFLMAO....SOMEONE back me up???HEEHEE!
  13. I haven't seen it yet, but if you liked it Jill, then I would too.
    But I don't watch sad movies. It's such a struggle to get through the day without crying anyway, I don't need a movie to prompt me to cry. Loves ya!
  14. I think Sandra Bullock needs new management...Premonition was really dreadful and ridiculously far fetched not to mention confusing. I hope she goes back to romantic comedies sometime soon.
  15. Is this loosely based on the Japanese movie Yogen (Premonition)? I've been wondering that since I saw a preview.