Premonition Dreams?

  1. Does anyone ever have dreams that turn out to be true?:s

    This happens to me quite often, I will have a dream and then it will play out the next day.:confused1:
  2. Me, too. It used to freak me out, but now it's just what it is. Can't explain it, but it is interesting seeing it happen.
  3. Me, yes. It weirds me out. I also have.. gut feelings when something is going to happen. My mom and I also have a very strange way of starting to talk about one thing that the other is thinking.
  4. I have always had them, but they are annoyingly mundane, at least the premonition part is. For example, I might dream that Mr Puff and I attend the Oscars, and the coat check guy will have on a plaid shirt.

    The next day, if I go to the supermarket, the lady in front of me will have on a top with the exact same plaid. Or I might dream about a Persian cat, and then see it the next day, in the car closest to me.
    I wish I could dream winning lottery numbers, but any numbers that show up in the dream reveal themselves the next day to be the bill for pizza or a long filename someone sends in an email, or an eBay item number.

    But so far, nothing that has enabled me stop a horrific event or win the lottery!
  5. Not me but my husband and his family do.
    My husband can somehow go into people's dreams sometimes :O he did it to me once...freaky I tell you :S
  6. yes! it freaks me out!!!!
  7. Mine usd to be much stronger when I am younger now I will see the gist of a scene and later pieces of it will play out. But I do not always recognize it at the time.
  8. Yes! It used to happen more often. But the premonition part for me is always the big, general picture about how an encounter or relationship will play out. For example, when I was trying to have a long distance relationship with a guy in grad school, I kept having dreams about him having another girlfriend. Pretty soon, I started getting emails from him explaining that he had met someone else.

    I also have dreams about meetings and encounters with people that tell me how they will end up -- positive or negative. For example, I dreamed that I had a big fight with our former department head on the night before he turned down a proposal that I had submitted.

    Conversely, I often have dreams about warm and caring interactions with friends and colleagues a few days before I end up running into them or having successful meetings with them.

    Anyway, it's never the details, but the human interactions that end up coming true for me.

    Meanwhile, I'm not sure if this is something genuinely supernatural, or if my subconscious is just picking up on clues from the behavior of those around me.

    I find the topic fascinating though.
  9. Nah, not really. I am very curious about such occurrences though. Maybe someday....
  10. It's only happened once to me...I can't remember exactly what happend though, so it's bothering me!
  11. Yes, I have had many earthquake premonitions. If I would dream about an earthquake and I was with my Mother, then it was a premonition and the earthquake would happen the next day. I have had some where it wakes me up because it freaks me out so much. When that happened, it was a big one, however my dreams don't tell me where, or at least I don't remember.

    If I would dream about an earthquake and I was not with my Mom, it was just a dream--no premonition. Since my Mom has passed away, I haven't had any earthquake dreams????

    I have many premonitions, but don't pay attention to them. Then when whatever it is that I saw actually happens, then I put 2 and 2 together. As a young girl I had many, one time I was driving with my Dad and as we passed this bar/restaurant, I saw it in flames. The next day I found out it burned down.

    Like someone said above, why can't we dream about lottery ticket numbers or a good investment, or even better a great purse sale that no one knows about.

    My Husband does not believe much, he calls it the "hookey spookey", but with all my accurate earthquake awakenings, he has come to believe that there is something to it.