Premonition anyone?

  1. Anyone have a premonition of something happening......and then it DOES?

    Well, that was Shopmom's morning today. Woke up thinking "well, here's a wet and dreary day. Hmmmmm. I think I'll drag my butt into the city, visit the Store-That-Has-Nothing and exchange that dang "Sequences" scarf that makes me look like Godzilla". And after a great cup of coffee in my "Jardin sur Nil" cup, off I went.

    And lo and behold, I was RIGHT! In fact, today there was LESS than nothing in the Store-That-Has-Nothing. Same bags on the shelves, same wallets and small accessories in the cabinets, no new jewelery to speak of, no new scarves. Mentioned Josephine Baker and the response was, "Isn't she dead?".

    Of course, I couldn't leave empty handed so in exchange for "Sequences" I left with a plisse called "Les Peties Metier" in pistachio/brown color way and high-tailed it over to Neimans where I picked up "Descoupages" from their amazing scarf collection! :wlae:
    _MG_2772lespetits.jpg _MG_2770descoupages.jpg
  2. Oh Shopmom, I love the Descoupages, it is sooo beautiful!
  3. LMAO at the JB comment--no way...if that didn't just ruin the SF store for me, I don't know what will.

    LOVE your scarves D. I've never seen Descoupages in that colorway. Great choice!
  4. Lovely scarves D! Glad it turned out to be a wonderful day after all!
  5. Man, D, you know how to tell a story!!!:roflmfao: Lovely scarves, BTW.
  6. ...and I'm not even kidding, HG. This was my face :wtf:
  7. shopmom: I love both scarves! Love those colors!! gorgeous!!!
  8. Shopmom, can you please pull open the les peties metier for us to see a picture of? PLEASE please please......
  9. I can do that no problem, Gazoo but I'll have to wait 'til morning for the light. Tomorrow for sure!
  10. Ooooo LOVE the Decoupages (sp??) Scarf, especially with those colors!

    Glad you found something, but yeah, it makes me sad that I may not find anything in the SF store if and when I ever make it there :sad:
  11. Love the scarves, D. Perfect colors for autumn.
  12. Gorgeous choices, Shopmom!!
  13. Beautiful scarves, a great days shopping! Congrats
  14. For a store that has little, you scored some beauties ShopMom.
  15. I have both scarfs, I lololololovvveeeeee them! :love: wear them in good health! :flowers: