Premium Designer Outlets in NYC

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    I will be visiting the Big Apple for the first time in two weeks and would like to know where should I go for some great bargains on handbags, like Dior or Gucci?

    Thank you so much for your time ;)
  2. You should go to the Woodbury Premium Outlets in upstate NY. It is about an hour from the city. You can take a bus there from the Port Authority Bus Terminal I believe.
  3. Definitely Woodbury!!!

    If you can't make it to Woodbury, in Secaucus (which is in NJ but close to NYC and not as far as Woodbury), there are many outlets. But, the outlets are spread out and not as good as Woodbury. I believe there is no tax on clothing. Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent.

    If you can get to Woodbury, its the best.
  4. You can find great deals sometimes at the Dior outlet. This past August i got a white purse with the C and D tags on the strap for $250. Normal price was over $1,000. I also got a necklace for $69.
  5. For a list of stores and directions to Woodbury Commons, you can check out their website:

    Also check out for sample sales, and Time Out New York (it's a weekly magazine with stuff to do and they also have a website) lists samples sales under the section called "seek"

    And you could also do an internet search by NYC Sample Sales - a bunch of stuff will come up.

    Have fun!
  6. Woodbury is the best. I got my Dior saddle bag there for $215, I think. It was awesome. There was a ton of RTW at Prada, too, I'm still kicking myself for not getting a ton of stuff. I had good luck at the NM Last Call, too. I got a pair of Dolce and Gabbana (not D&G) heels in suede for $40 or so...

    Actually, these are them

    Except they were in my size, of course, and I'm not parting with mine! I wonder if this ebay seller shops at NM. :smile:

    Anyway, I loved it. There are always posts in the Dior and Gucci forum (check the outlet thread) that have pictures of current stock from the SAs... that will help you see what's in stock as far as purses and shoes, at least.

  7. My friend said something about Century 21. Any thoughts? Thanks :P
  8. omg...I love this store I work down the stree in the wall street area. you will find great clothes shoes and a little of everything else but don't expect to find last seasons Gucci handbags.
  9. Definitely Century 21 but be prepared for crowds beyond belief.. there's another location (the original, actually) in brooklyn that i prefer more.. it's somewhat less crowded and definitely less touristy
  10. Hi all i am wondering i heard about the presidents day weekend sale in all the premium outlet malls. i live in nyc and could anyone tell me which one is the best one to go check out.. i always go to woodbury but rarely find anything, i am wondering if they will have any good stuff this weekend, or if you know i can go to the jersey ones also.. Any help would be great.(looking for shoes and bags) thanks alot all!
  11. You can say that again...but I still go every once in a while, I can't help myself
  12. from i what i seen..woodbury has MORE stores than Nj outlet..:tup: tha means more choices

  13. Thanks alot!! :tup:
  14. i wish i would have gone to woodbury last time i was in NYC