Premium Denim Secret Sale - San Jose, CA

  1. Hey ladies,

    I received an email from The Warehouse Sale for subscribers only.

    WHAT: Secret Denim Sale- This event is supposedly not publicized. Over 30 brands and 5000 pairs. All jeans $65 or 5 for $250
    WHEN: Nov. 10th at 10am-5pm.
    WHERE: San Jose McEnery Convention Center Room C, 150 W. San Carlos St., San Jose, CA

  2. Thanks! That's such a great deal. Has anyone been there before? How crazy does it get and how good is the selection?
  3. omg!! this is so cool! thanks for the info!

    Just show up. No RSVP is needed for this one.

    Other than that, I've never been to a Secret Sale. This company usually has Public two-day sales all over the West Coast; Saturday being VIP only, and Sunday being open to whoever RSVPs. Being a Secret Sale, I have no clue how good it will be but it's worth a shot if you're in the area!
  5. i've been to one of their sales in LA - maybe two years ago...pretty good selection, although the prices were higher than $65 at the one i went to. they basically section off a "dressing area" and you have to strip down in front of everyone. (tip: wear a flowy you can change fast!) there's also typically a line to get in, so try to make it early for best selection. hth!