Premium denim @ costco?

  1. Just a question for those who use costco. I recently went to their website and I noticed they have a TON of premium denim. I normally go there once a month and I have never noticed premium denim at my store. Does anyone have it at their store? Or is it possibly online only? thanks!
  2. I don't have it at the store either, I think it's just online.
  3. It's only at select stores; they have Citizens of Humanity and Sevens at select Costcos in CA.
  4. OH yes, I live in NY and I've seen jeans there that left me drooling on the floor. Calvins Klien, Citizens of Humanity and Sevens, very neat little chain there. Mine even has coach watches, love that store.
  5. The Costco in Atlanta carries a huge variety of premium denim. They also have decent jewelry and a good variety of premium cosmetics.
  6. wow mine never has any of that good stuff!! i hate FL!!!
  7. I've seen Juicy sweats and Lucky jeans before, but no COH's or Sevens and I'm in SoCal. Which are the select Costco's that has those?
  8. I bought a pair of true religions at the costco in Raliegh the first day it opened. One is opening up where I live in Montgomery and I'm hoping they have something good for their grand opening.
  9. I thought about getting a Costco membership for the same reason, but when I went to the one closest to me, all they had was discounted Lucky Brand jeans... which I can get just as cheaply at Nordstrom's Rack!
  10. I've never noticed premium demin before although recently I saw some Lucky brand for men. Most of the time, it's Calvin Klein for women.
  11. Just got back from my costco-we have nothing designer :tdown:. Beautiful jewelry though.
  12. I see it at the store occasionally. But it never lasts long.
  13. wow, nothing like that at my costso! They do have great jewlery though.
  14. Yes, I have seen premium denim sold at costco (Chicagoland), but I just wished they had fitting rooms!
  15. They had Chip and pepper jeans at Mountain View,CA costco today for $69 ,sizes that I saw were 28,29,30.