PREMIUM DENIM at Nordies Rack in Glendale, CA

  1. ok so I was at the rack yesterday and they have:


    True Religion, Joes, Paige, Sevens, Citizens, Rock & Republic, William Rast & Habituals.

    They had racks and racks of them but very little R&R's and TR's. So hurry on down.

    The TR's they had were bobby, tony and sammy in med stone and dark stone and I think they were all stretch. $99

    They also had white and black stretch cropped DVB crown R&R's.


    wasn't really looking but they just got in a huge load of TR's!!

    Glendale Rack: 818) 240-2404
  2. hmm. i was thinking of dropping by the rack, maybe i'll check this out..
  3. Hello to Glendale girls!! I was born and raised there. I don't live there anymore but my parents still do. ;)
  4. so im right by there! i bet i saw some of u girls at the glendale Nordies last friday morning! YAY FOR TPF!
  5. Aww, I wish they were closer, I wonder if the other racks got in a new shipment.
  6. Thanks

    I know where I am going this weekend :graucho: