Premiere Watch

  1. hey guys

    just wondering - is there a new premiere which is silver (assuming steel or white gold), with the plain (not interwoven) chain, and a row of diamonds down either side of the bezel? like that but in silver, and as i said, none on the top and bottom of the bezel. i saw one the other day, and i was wondering the cost? (not for me tho!)
  2. Chanel just sent me a watch catalog and there's a Premiere watch on it, but with double chains and the leather interwinded (no diamonds) and retails for $2450.
  3. hmm thats interesting. is there a silver version of the one above? it is a new watch i know that
  4. the one that I'm referenting is avail. in stainless steel w/ either black interwinded leather and black face or in white leather and MOP face.
  5. no, i meant the one i posted in my original post (sorry) - it definitely did not have interwoven leather
  6. The one with interwoven leather does not come with diamonds
  7. i know it .. im asking about the one without interwoven leather