Premeditated Feedback SABOTAGE! ahhhh

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  1. About a week ago I listed a couple beauty products I bought from Sephora around Christmas time. I bought a bunch of Vera Wang lipgloss/perfume duos and Yves Saint Laurent lipglosses as stocking stuffers. I ended up with a couple extra and listed them on ebay. Well I had two separate buyers buy the two items. All seemed good. Eventually they both sent me messages stating:

    "can u be so kind to give me feedback now i paid super quick within 1 minute for the item u are so nice for keeping me posted ---so a sweetpea"

    no prob....can u also give feedback....trying to increase my feedback numbers..thx"

    One buyer was in NY and the other in LA, and they both bought the items on different days, so I didn't think anything of it, and went ahead and left positive feedbacks PRIOR to the items being delivered.

    Well, long story short, the items arrived, and they both left NEGATIVE feedbacks within 1 hour of each other without a single contact with me. I was totally perplexed and checked the transaction on paypal...and realized that both paypal account holders had THE SAME LAST NAME!

    I have no idea what's going on. But I think it's obvious that someone is out to sabotage my feedback! The both asked for positive feedback prior to the items being delivered, the both left negative feedback on the same day, within the same hour, both without contacting me prior, and they both have the SAME last name!
  2. That is horrible. I would contact Ebay, I am sure they will remove it.
  3. I am so very sorry about the 2 negative feedback. What were they said in the FB? Do you have any prior transaction with them, either as a seller of as buyer?
  4. Hmmm...

    Probably sellers who are worried that you may be a threat? Perhaps sisters, or something?
  5. :sad: I already did. They stated, though it may not seem fair, the feedback does not fall into the guidelines for feedback removal.

    BOTH negative feedbacks stated that my items were "FAKE AND USED".
    They were neither fake nor used. This is so sad.
  6. oh no... report it and kepe us posted.. did u write to the buyer?>
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    Last edited: Jan 30, 2010

    A LOT of beauty products on eBay are either fake, or used (or both!).

    I'm guessing they've probably been accused of both, themsleves and wanted to try to level the playing field? :tdown:

    I'd answer their feedback, very politely, saying the items were definitely neither fake nor used and that others you have spoken to suspect some sort of sabotage, if I were you.

    Also, I'd try to mention that they have the same surname, but live in different places.
  8. One buyer had feedback from selling phones and nike shoes. But hasn't done any selling lately.

    The other buyer sold a Gucci wallet, Gucci Clutch, and a Neverfull recently but doesn't have much feedback.
  9. That's terrible! I do not understand why people did this to others, there are more than enough buyers out there, no need to attack another seller of similar item in this horrible way!
  10. First I wrote to them both, asking why they left negative feedbacks. I shipped the items immediately, and sent them corresponding emails on the progress of the items.

    After I investigated, and found out they had the same last names, I sent them messages questioning this, and said I would notify ebay. No response from either.

  11. But they're probably just their buying IDs, now.

    They've probably got others for selling.

    Either that, or perhaps one is a disgruntled previous buyer?

    Or maybe this is something more personal? Do you have any enemies you know of that might know your eBay ID?
  12. I haven't done anything to tick off anyone on ebay... and the only person who knows my ebay ID is my 16 year old sister.

    One paypal account holder was a man (the one selling Nike shoes and phones). He had 122 feedback, 85 from buying, 50 from selling.

    The other is a girl with only 24 feedback, mostly from buying. She's only sold those three items listed above: 2 Gucci, 1 Louis Vuitton
  13. ^ As I say, how many fbs they have for what, on the IDs they used to buy your items, is probably completely irrelevant, as they could also have other selling IDs (perhaps several each?) with thousands of fbs on them, for all we know?
  14. I'm thinking there's someone you dealt with in the past who told these 2 to help ruin your feedback, maybe a transaction you thought went okay? I think it's horrible that eBay won't question them about it. I hope you blocked then both. I would love to know their ID's so I can put them on my BBL.
    This is why I never leave feedback first anymore, too many people out there like this. I hope you get it straightened out soon, and I also hope they didn't hurt your percentage too much.
  15. How strange!
    Are you positive the two buyers are related? Is theirs a common surname? A foreign surname? There are thousands of people named Le, Smith, Collins, Nguyen, Gonzalez, etc. Heck, both my maiden and married name are very uncommon and yet I've met complete strangers with both.

    As a side note, even if you hadn't left FB already, you are not allowed to leave negs for buyers, so it really doesn't matter that you left them positive FB first.