premature heads up Gustto sample sale!!! NYC

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: Hey ladies, so the same ppl who do the kooba sample sale do many great ones, and the next really good one is a Gustto sample sale, :smile: They had one a few weeks ago and i got a Baca which retails at $695 for $300 which is pretty great

    it is an AMAZING BAG!! the leather, its so soft i find myself like petting it while i am on the subway! :smile:
    i love that it has this floppy shape and i love the big metal rivet things, and ugh whole thing YUMMY!

    :smile: and gustto has many other great bags too!!

    SOOO this sale will be starting the week of Feb. .26th so mark your calenders closed the 26th , 27th (10-7) and the rest of the week is 10-6
    is located at:
    261 W. 36th Street – 2nd Floor
    (betw. 7th & 8th Ave)
    New York, NY 10018

    here are pics of the baca that i love!!!

    The stock photo is the brown the other 2 pics are of the bag i got at the last gustto sample sale, one of the best $300 i ever spent!!!:love: :love:

  2. ugggghhhh! i've really wanted a baca!! I'm going on vacation next week!! As happy as I will be lying in the sun, I REALLY want a Gustto!!!! I hope someone gets a good buy!!!!!!!!
  3. its not next week its the week after!!! :smile: if you are only going for a week then youll be back by the time it starts!
  4. What?!?! another gustto sample sale???? really???? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! i was so completely bummed out that I missed the last one. i def have to go to this one. i want a Parina so badly! Slush, how did you find this out?
  5. hehe my secret huh :smile:

    its not really a secret if you go to these sample sales at this location, you just sign up for the email list and they notify you when there are sales, like i got an email about the kooba one, and then i just click upcoming sales, so i can see what is to come and low and behold it says gustto is coming that week of the 26th :smile: YAY!! ugh i dont think i can go again tho i love love my baca so

    but seriously get there early and go the 1st day cause at least last time they werent getting boxes and boxes the way they get koobas they were getting like 50 at a time, and so when i got there i got the last baca and people were like begging for it from me but i loved it too much!

    so yea thats how

    you can also just register for the mailing list at

    :smile: so there it is the cat is out of the bag! hehe maybe ill see ya there!
  6. help!!slush, did they have the setela? I adore the setela. if they did do you remember how much it was going for?
  7. Ohhhh boy. Love your baca! How much was it? (nvm, just re-read it and you said they were $300 lol)

    Yup, I just checked and they will have Gustto last week of Feb. I will def go and check it out! :yahoo:
  8. Hey haha they did indeed have the setela last time i went, but they were going fast, i believe they were selling for $300 as well, maybe $290? i dunno i think that the price range for all of them was about $280-$320
    but still thats pretty darn good if you ask me! :smile: hope 2 seee you ladies there!
  9. I wanted to bring this one back up to the beginning of deals and steals just to remind everyone AND to mention that they have added to the sale and will have KOOBA too!!

    i think they got too much for the one last week and are selling off what was left (i just emailed them tho so i will let you ladies know if it is a new shipment or just the old stuff they didnt get to sell)
  10. yay! help!!!slush you are sooooo on it! maybe i will see you there! i am trying my best to ignore all these other deals popping up so I can get my SETELA!!!
  11. Bessie, do you think there will be a line next week? I know that when they had the Gustto sample sale 2 weeks ago, hardly anyone was there. I can't go pick up the Parina, but my sweet sweet friend will pick it up for me since she works a block away. I just don't want her to have to stand in some crazy line at the sample sale.
  12. You New York gals are truly lucky! I'm down here in Sarasota, FL and there is never anything like your sample sales. It's almost like torture to read those posts....(sigh)...
  13. i was JUST lookin at the big baca bag yesterday like how the hell am i gonna find 760 for this goregous bag...

    Question question!!!!!

    which baca bag are they having... from my understanding they have small ones medium ones and large ones...

    thanks in advance :]
  14. hey saythis ANYTIME! :smile:

    And babyk i am not sure about the line i mean last time when i went, they didnt have a line but they also barely had anything left,, so i would say if she goes early like right in the AM when they open hopefully there wont be much of a line cause i went and got the last baca (in my bags pics, the beautiful red 1) and everyone wanted to take it from me cause after that one that i took off the wall they only had ones that were purple with fake snake print and i dunno they werent nearly as nice. If there is something specific you want your friend to get i would suggest she go early the 1st day i doubt she will have to wait long!

    and aimeez i know they have different sizes too of the baca and i think the one they had at the sale was the middle size. that is the one that i got you can see it in the pictures on my collection (link below) and it can fit SO much when you carry it without a lot in it its an avg size but you can put SO much in it. I dont think its the large one though cause that one looks really big,,,
    i actually havent seen a small ive just seen the reg. baca and large
    but i swear you can put SO much in the reg size one i think the bigness of the big one is unnecessary-if you want i can take a pic of stuff in it, i can stuff a huge like XL carhartt swearshirt into it and although it looks rounded its still got rooM! :smile:
  15. did they have setela bags by the way? thanks!