Premature babies advice

  1. Over the weekend, one of my best friends gave birth 3 and a half months early. The baby is only one pound and three ounces. I was wondering if anyone here has had experience parents dealing with the early birth of a child? How can I help her? What should I be doing? She'll get out of the hospital either today or tomorrow. But her baby, if he survives, will have to stay until at least late May.
  2. I have never experienced this, so I don't have any advice other than just be their for her with open ears and open arms. I am sorry that your friend is going through this and will keep them in my prayers!
  3. Thanks Bebe! Please do keep them in your prayers.
  4. My cousin, David was born very early and was extremely premature. He stayed in the hospital for around...4 or 5 months until he was allowed to come home.

    There's nothing you can really do for your friend. Just be there for her when she needs you. If she will be spending a lot of time at the hospital (after she is discharged), you could make a couple of casserole dishes, portion them into meal sizes and then freeze them for her...This will help a lot since she probably won't have time to cook.

    Just be a friend...I know that if I went into premature labor, I would just want my friends to be there for me.

    My thoughts and prayers are with your friend and her baby
  5. What about gifts? Did people bring your cousin gifts or anything while he was still in the hospital? I don't know what is appropriate. I have been the point person for my friend so everyone is asking for advice as to what to do. Thanks for your input, lamiastella.
  6. I don't think there is anything you can do personally to help the baby, but maybe offer to run errands for her or something like that so she can spend a little more time at the hospital with her baby?

    I hope both she and the baby do well.
  7. You know, if you want to bring it would indeed be a fun thing for you to do and lovely for your friend to receive...hunt down some preemie sleepers and clothes. When they're not premature, the 0-3 mo are often swimming on them and it is fun to be able to have preemie clothes of which to dress them in. If the babe's that little, they'll be in them for a little while as well, so it won't be like they'll wear them for a week and be done.
  8. I was a child when David was in the hospital and I wasn't near my family (we were living in Germany, getting ready to move to CA and they lived in MD) but I did send a small stuffed animal to my aunt and uncle and they put it on top of his incubator...They still have it! They had a second son that was born early, but with a major heart defect and he died a few days after birth and David and Elizabeth (his younger sister) had given him a mini-beany baby.

    When I lived in the US and was still in HS, we collected beany babies and donated them to the NICU's in our area (Johns Hopkins, Childrens Hospital in DC).
  9. hey grace, no baby knowledge here but sounds like premie clothing might be a good idea. perhaps having a gathering of close friends for her or something to help cheer her up? might want to control the presents till the baby's situation is more stable. just some thoughts but you should defer to the others here with more experience when it comes to kids! =)

    i hope the baby does well and stays strong! my very best to your friend
  10. Oh that is good advice. The beanie babies are really small and would not take up any room on the incubator. Good idea. Thank you.
  11. mshel, I looked online for the preemie clothes. I am not sure if he is allowed to wear them yet. But I marked the site and will go back in a week or so.
  12. I was also wondering if there are any book recommendations for the mom about preemies? I tried looking online but there are sooo many different ones.
  13. Thanks so much for idea. She'll go home soon and then maybe in a week we can have that kind of gathering.
  14. definately do NOT buy baby gifts...instead buy the mom stuff.Bring her food as she is going to be too busy to think or eat.....offer to talk...listen and just sit with her.
    I lost twins a while back...both didnt me when I say there isnt too much you can do but be a freind when you have a preemie.just being there for her and holding her hand is the best you can do.make sure she eats too.....emotional support is key.
  15. PS-Doulos works in a NICU...PM her too........shed have some ideas as well!