Preloved Woes.

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  1. Hi everyone..

    I'm just writing this thread to let it out, so apologies in advance :sad:

    Here's how it is: A few months ago I bought a vintage beige flap with GHW.

    The second I opened the box, I hated it.

    I tried so many times to take it out of the box and wear it in front of the mirror, trying to make myself love it, and to prevent myself from having to return it.

    The leather is FLAT and it's wrinkled.. I keep telling myself that it's the "vintage look" which is supposed to be classic, but I can't bring myself to carry it out of my house.

    To think I could've bought a new mini for the same price I paid for it!

    Most of you will tell me to sell it, but I wasn't successful in doing so. Where I live, people don't carry vintage, most have told me that others will think it looks like a replica even when it's not -__- such ignorance...

    I just wanted to let it out I guess..

    My advice for everyone here is to not try to force themselves to like something if they don't feel that it's right when they get it.

    I've attached an up-close photo of my bag, do any of you know how I can treat the wrinkles? Perhaps I will like it more if they are smoothed a bit.. I don't know if it's possible to do anything about but I thought I would ask anyway.. I want to resolve this issue!

    Thanks for listening guys :heart:

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  2. It happened to me a few times and I end up accumulating useless items. I would send the bag to the Chanel Spa for leather refurbishment ASAP. Good luck! :smile:
  3. Sorry that you feel this way about the bag. Maybe you should consider selling it..
  4. try selling it on ebay then. To be honest, my trusty bag spa person who can revive any dead bag told me that once the puffiness on the quilting died, there's no way to revive it and warn me to skip those vintage bags. He even told me to whatsapp him the pictures before I buy as to if he could save them or otherwise.
  5. Sorry you feel that way! That's why I never would buy pre-owned! Its worth it to just save for a brand new! Anyway, I'm sure you can still sell it on the international market! Or will the seller accept returns?
  6. I think your bag is gorgeous & even a new bag will eventually loose its puffiness, I have a vintage M/L but luckily its still nice & puffy.

    Good luck in selling & you should definitely try Ebay
  7. did you send to Yoogis or Ann's for a quote?
  8. It's too late to return it to the seller now. :sad:

    I'm not from the US so I don't know the procedure or whether or not I can sell it through that site :\
  9. Do you have access to a Chanel store? I think the leather is not that bad and can still be refurbished. You can also send a picture of the bag to Barbara at Love in My Bags (see below) and ask that question. Good luck! :smile:
  10. Sorry about your situation! I too often think of buying second hand or from eBay but have worried myself that I would waste my money on something I may not use. Thanks for sharing your story, it's also a nice way to vent!

    I hope you find someone who will want it!
  11. Sorry to hear you story. I know how you feel. It happen to me few years ago. I bought a vintage lambskin, but I didn't like the smell (It smell old). I was too late to return it back to the seller, therefore, I sell it to the reseller for cheaper price. I lost some money on it and learn my lesson that not to buy vintage if i'm not in love with it. I hope you can sell it somewhere or consign it. If you know you won't use it, then sell it. Rather get some cash back to fund a new one intead. This is just my opinion. ;)
  12. Try Yoogi's closet. They accept consignment/ direct buy outside the US.
  13. Oh so sorry for you :sad: when you purchased it, did you know it was flat and wrinkly and you thought you were hopefully going to love it? It's still a beautiful bag so hopefully it can be beautified :smile:
  14. Sorry that you feel that way. Hopefully you can sell it.
  15. I think your bag still looks great for a vintage!! I have seen way way worse, and the owners still adore their bags. Does this bag, besides deflating quilts and wrinkles, have stains, discolorations, scuff marks etc.?
    If you can't bring yourself to love this bag, I'm sure you can consign it with a reputable seller/consignment store. Or if you're not afraid of buyer's scams and the stress associated, you can always try Ebay and Bonanza. You can recoup more of your money if you sell it yourself, instead of the consignment way.
    I love your bag! Ignore those who say that it looks like a replica, they obviously don't know what they're talking about.
    Good luck :smile: