Preloved Steal Triple Reveal and some exciting, possibly life changing news!!

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  1. I let go of a couple more bags I wasn't using, like my DE Speedy 30 which I adore but is like new... I wasn't using because I'm using more shoulder bags nowadays and have been longing for a bandouliere 30 in DE. The money helped to fluff up my bag fund a bit, so I managed to score these two beauties locally... $700 for the bag and $400 for for the wallet. I couldn't pass up the pair at that price!

    THEN I was lucky enough to find this very rare special order desk set (My SA was shocked I found one; she said the district manager has one on her desk and that she's never seen another). It is for my new office for my business, which is now booming, and with the chance I have now to go on Shark Tank (I'm in the semifinals!) I wanted to celebrate... even if i don't make it on air, getting multiple phone calls from them wanting to discuss my business was so flattering, and I passed the interview round and am now into semifinals, so I'm submitting my product samples and a video about me to see if I am TV-worthy to the producers, and it all really feels like an honor to me and a privilege to me no matter the outcome! Vindication for all of my hard work and coming back from a very rough patch in my life means the world :love: :yahoo: if they like the products and my video about me, I'm in, and the prospect has me totally hyperventilating just thinking about it! Please wish me luck! :flowers:

    Anywhoo, presenting the gently preloved DE Speedy 30 Bandouliere and my lovely new to me holy grail wallet and desk set (never used, found for $500.. seller pic, as it arrives tomorrow but I could not wait to share the news!) As always thank you all for sharing with me :flowers: :tpfrox:

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  2. OMG...everything is gorgeous...but that desk set, THO!!! I am in lvoe...I would just die to have one for my office. Congrats! And how fab that you're in the semi's for Shark Tank - love that show! GOOD LUCK!!!
  3. Everything is beautiful and congrats.All the best for your interview, may you get selected and have many more successes ahead :smile:
  4. Good luck on Shark Tank! How awesome!!!! Love the desk set!��
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    Wow! That seller gave you an amazing deal on the wallet! The Paillettes zippy is on my wishlist! Im floored that you were able to get such a great deal on it.
    Amazing finds especially the desk accessory. And, congrats on getting your business so far and the possibility of being on the Shark Tank! Keep us posted!
  6. Congrats on everything! Cheering for you. Keep us up to date.
  7. Love the desk set! Congrats on making it this far on Shark Tank and I hope you make it all the way to getting a deal!
  8. Wow great haul. Congrats on your business and good luck ��

  9. Congrats on your business and the Shark Tank opportunity. Great finds on the desk set and speedy b 30
  10. Great finds! Cool desk set, love that wallet! Fingers crossed for you on the Shark Tank opportunity
  11. Congrats!!!

    WOW, what a steal and a great opportunity! Lovely items...
    All the best, with your business endeavors!!
  12. Great buys! Good luck with Shark Tank! So cool!
  13. that desk set is amazing, that wine colored taiga is beautiful!! i'm so glad things are so exciting in your world!! congrats all around :smile:

  14. Congrats! I have a feeling this will be your good luck desk set :smile:. You have to let us all know if you're going to be on Shark Tank!
  15. Congrats on your amazing finds and best wishes on your endeavours! :tup: