Preloved salyea mm or new Alexa?


Jun 27, 2012
I know I might be skewing the results asking this here, but...

I would like a new bag for traveling for work. Must be able to fit my laptop (15" MacBook Air), wallet (balenciaga long wallet) and a couple random pouches, and iPad mini. I already have a mono nf gm and while I love it, I would like something that's a little more subtle. And must have a top closure more secure than the never full.

There's a preowned DA saleya mm that I have had my eye on. It's well loved, but should be fine for travel and less formal meetings. Fine to slug through the airport.

There's also a black oversized Alexa from mulberry. This is almost an hg bag for me but I don't have anything mulberry - so I'm not sure how well the leather will hold up. I know LV canvas is tough. The Alexa is brand new but twice the price.

Anyone have advice? Other ideas? Looking for preloved if possible to keep cost down, definitely nothing mono.


Aug 28, 2013
I think untimely you have to choose the bag that you love more, and will use more in order to make it worth your money! Good luck!!!

I personally would choose the LV..for obvious reasons hahah once again good luck :smile:


GHW purist
Dec 30, 2011
Mulberry hands down. Soft, slouchy, adapts to your body shape. Beautiful leather!

I have never worn a Selaya, but it reminds me of the Westminster, which I adored in theory and on pictures. I thought it's *THE* bag for me... until I tried her on in the store. Stiff, sticking out and handles falling off my shoulder. I have no idea if the Selaya is similar to the Westminster, but I was told the Westminster was meant to be the Selaya's replacement after it was discontinued.

When I have the choice between a leather and a canvas bag I'd always go for leather.


Mar 11, 2013
I love Mulberry, but Alexa is one of the few I don't like, so I would go for Saleya; useful, zipped, simple and classy!