Preloved reveal!

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  1. I purchased one of these Alexa's in 2014 and unfortunately the bag was returned to Mulberry as the plaited trim scuffed after being used for one weekend. I was always sad to see her go but a used one came up on eBay at a good price so here in my replacement ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462547722.836310.jpg
    There was a pen mark on the front under the flap and after using the perfume on a cotton bud tip it has faded a lot.
  2. Congratulations on a lovely addition to your collection!
  3. O la la. Very nice. Enjoy!
  4. Aw. Beautiful! I remember how you lost your first plaited trim Lexy, because Mulberry did not want to repair it. Very happy that you have found such a lovely replacement. Enjoy!
  5. It sure is lovely! :smile: Congratulations on finding her again!
  6. Congrats on finding a replacement Izzybet, your alexa is gorgeous. Enjoy
  7. #7 May 6, 2016
    Last edited: May 6, 2016

    Thank you ladies
    I feel this Alexa is not as precious as my original so I will be able to use her without worrying!
    My daughter now seems to think she can have my midnight Alexa that replaced my original one!!

  8. Glad to hear this!
    Hehehe. Your daughter definitely knows what's pretty.
  9. Congrats! She is lovely!
  10. Lovely, so pretty!
  11. Beautiful! Congrats!
  12. very beautiful!!it is in good condition!!:smile:
  13. Congratulations Izzy,

    Looks in great condition :tup:

  14. Thank you

    She is in great condition, no marks to the hardware at all. The pen mark has cleaned up well and I washed the lining as it has a makeup stain, foundation I would think and not so bad now.
  15. I love this bag 😍 Congrats!!