Preloved reveal!

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  1. Thanks to the lovely Forespec who kindly authenticated my new addition, I can now put her away in my LV closet!

    New to me Keepall 45, for a 14 year old bag it's in really good condition, no smells at all :smile:

  2. Gorgeous! Congratulations .. when are you going to use it first?
  3. I was going to use it this weekend but unfortunately I've given dh my flu so we've had to cancel our plans.
  4. Very nice, lovely patina!

  5. The patina is very even, it's a well cared for bag. It's my first mono piece and first preloved item too. I love it so much I'm thinking of getting a preloved mono speedy too!
  6. Lovely! What great condition too. Congrats
  7. What a great bag! :smile: Lovely condition, and I'm totally with you, after I got my keepall I too felt the need of a speedy! ;)
  8. It looks so good for her age, congrats!
  9. congrats!!! great find!!😃👏👍
  10. It looks great!!! :smile: Congrats!

    I love preloved beauties! :smile:
  11. Lovely and in great condition! Congrats!
  12. Beautiful! Congrats!
  13. great find - congrats!
  14. Gorgeous patina, congrats!
  15. Nice find:smile:congrats