Preloved reveal

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  1. Following a window shopping trip down the rabbit hole I went from Teddy Blake to buying a Rosemary mislabeled as a Roxanne. She is chocolate Darwin.
    This is after a light clean. The leather felt tacky so I wiped her with a damp cloth. Did the trick for all but the handles which still felt a little sticky. I used a Lexol wipe and now they feel better.
  2. cute! congrats! its it a compact or medium bag - i remember these from the 00s but can't recall the measurements.xx
  3. I consider it average size, smaller than the Roxanne but bigger than a mini Alexa. The bottom is roomy. A little under 11 inches wide
  4. Very nice congrats!
  5. Lovely ! You can’t beat Chocolate Mulberry IMO .
    Have you removed the shoulder strap ?
  6. Totally agree with Slowhand, you cannot beat the Chocolate old girls for looks, style and general hanging-in-there-with-panache! Yours looks lovely, wear her in good health:flowers:

    btw, we are bag twins:smile:
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  7. It was off and inside the bag when she arrived, so I left it off.
  8. Yes! Gorgeous!
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  9. Nice classic!
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