Preloved Mulberry roxanne


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Jun 26, 2020
Hi all, I'm new to this site so please bear with me :smile: I have just bought a vintage roxanne bag in oak, I have been buying and selling preloved mulberry bags for 3 years, but this one I am unsure if it is genuine and the seller I believe doesn't speak much English as it's not making a great deal of sense! The leather is of very good quality and smells right, it has the mulberry gold stamp inside and a brass plaque with a serial number, which looks slightly different but this may be due to it being an older model. It also has LR stamped just below the mulberry logo. It is the small tag on the inside which usually states where the bag was made which is missing that got my alarm bells going. 15931782739132834209820803530865.jpg 15931783229584786306715263949511.jpg 15931783605463144913571944970345.jpg 15931783764267355755182428214243.jpg 15931783977772671454007521031605.jpg t I am in 2 minds to return it. Apparently it has been used just once, and this does reflect in the condition. Any help would be greatly appreciated :smile: lindsey x
Feb 3, 2016
Hi Lindsey,
Welcome:smile: As you've just joined, you may not know that there is a fantastic Mulberry authentication thread on here which I highly recommend for the next preloved Mulberry purchase you consider (see Mulberry forum for details.) Your instincts were good. Don't be in two minds, return it. This is not a genuine Mulberry Roxanne, and has many signs.