Preloved LV Speedy from BF's mother?!?

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  1. Hi, a couple of weeks ago I told my bf that I like the LV Speedy and I might save up for it. He called me last night and said that his mother has heaps of designer bags she bought years ago. Coincidently, one of the ones that she has is a LV Monogram Speedy. From the way my bf described it, I think it's a 30. He said that u can tell that it's old but it's got that classic vintage look about it. His mother got the bag 15 - 20 years ago and hasn't used it for a number of years. She said that I can have it if I want. :p I'll have to go over and check it out.

    Well, the problem is I don't feel comfortable just taking the bag from her and give her nothing in return. Her birthday is in May so if I do take it from her, I may have to buy her a more expensive gift.

    What do u think? Do u think I should take it and then have to fork out an expensive gift for her birthday? How much should I spend on the gift? 50% of the new price? Or should I just save for a brand one? By the way, I have never owned a LV item.
  2. I would just buy her a gift that you would normally by her. She is giving you the purse because she wants you to have it, not b/c she expects anything in return. Just give her something sincere. Don't worry about the price and enjoy the speedy.
  3. ^^^ITA, I have given things away, not because I expect something in return, but because if I am not using it, I like to see others enjoy it. esp a young person.
  4. I agree with gucci fan. She wouldn't be offering the bag to you unless she genuinely liked you and wanted the bag to have a good home. I would try to make her birthday gift a thoughtful one, but not a more expensive one.
  5. I wouldn't wait until May to thank her by giving her an expensive gift at that time. If you accept the bag, send her a hand written note and some flowers. It's the thought that counts -- she will think you are so thoughtful!
  6. yeah, I think something small in soon would be nice for your bf's mom..and as for her bday, just get her what you normally would.
  7. I think you should just have it, and buy her something in return, this doesn't mean you have to buy expensive things, may be a cake, may be something more useful, from what your BF said, his mum haven't been using the bags for years...
    buy something more useful for old people i guess
    giving something in return, its polite and nice...
  8. I wouldn't worry about buying an expensive gift for her...she probably thought that it'd be better to give it away to someone who will love it rather than have it sit in the closet! Besides, it's a vintage, so it was probably much cheaper back then (although it must've been a lot of $$ at the time) anyways, it's the thought that counts. I'd write her a sincere thank you note, and maybe bake her some cookies!

    When May comes around, just buy her a regular gift, and maybe mention to her how thankful you were for the Speedy.

  9. I like this idea!
  10. Gucci fan & lorihmatthews...right on the money ita!
    (Twinkletink...sooo sweet. I love that)

  11. AND very thankful!
  12. I definitely agree that if you accept the bag, please follow up with a handwritten thank you note expressing how much you are enjoying the bag. A handwritten note means so much to people and is just good manners.
    Flowers and/or chocolate would be a nice addition too.
  13. I agree with everyone here. I also like to see my bags "in use" - my mom uses one of my LV's that I never use and I love it because it's not sitting in my closet. She will probably enjoy seeing it loved again. Thank her profusely and send her a nice card and flowers.
  14. Thanks everyone for the quick replies. I'm still not too sure. The thing is she is was about to give me a very small Dior clutch. My bf said that I wanted the Speedy one. And she was sort of reluctant but later said that she would give it to me if I wanted it.

    Haha, so yeah I can't just give her a thank you note.
  15. Perfect idea :idea:

    Then just give her a normal birthday present, but try to get some ideas from your BF about something nice and personalized, like does she have any hobbies?