Preloved LV Pochette Hardware

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  1. I recently bought a preloved LV Pochette (year 2000) and I noticed the hardware is fading the gold tone. Is that normal?
  2. Yes. You can also take it into the store and see how much it would be to replace it.
  3. Totally normal. Zipper pulls are free to replace and can be done in store. All other parts have to be left and shipped off for a few weeks to be repaired at a cost. If it's not chipped try using brasso on a qtip to clean and polish with soft cloth. Careful not to get it on leather etc...
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  4. If its fading I would think that its not brass hardware but plated hardware. Did you try using brasso after all? What was the results?
  5. LV has not used brass in years - everything is plated. Just take it to LV to see if they can replace the zipper.
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  6. Wonder how long the replacement zippers last before you get into the same delema.
  7. You know really I have not had an issue with the zippers and I have had a few things for years.
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