Preloved LV in Vegas?

  1. Only 3 days to go until I head off to Vegas :wlae:

    Does anybody know whether there are shops that might have pre-loved LVs? :graucho:
  2. Not sure, but want to wish you the best time! I love it there!
    And, they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that does not apply to any LV shopping you do.....Have fun!!!!:yahoo:
  3. Great reply:P

    Let us know what you buy. Have lots of fun!
  4. Have fun! I love vegas too!
  5. Not sure about preowned LV, but there are plenty of LV boutiques. My hubby and I used to travel to Vegas every year, but I was not interested in LV at that time. Oh, what a shame....
  6. nope.. not unless you go outside the strip into the actual cities and such.. and then you MIGHT find places.. but it's not gonna be as easy. try a search on google for consignment shops in vegas.
  7. go to caesar's, win some money, and head to the LV in the forum shops :graucho:
  8. Have fun in Vegas....don't know any consignment in Vegas..
  9. No idea :search:
  10. maybe you can try some pawn shops...? I know that there are a ton in vegas...
  11. I'm leaving in 2 days for Vegas... I'm staying at the Bellagio. Have fun!!!!!!
  13. Great question - I would like to know too please =)
    Please report ALL of your shopping finds when you return =)
  14. Thanks guys, I'll sure report when I'm back (11/29)

    I guess I'll just check every secondhand/consignment/whatever store I come across :P

    If I win big, then I'll clean out the Forum Shops lol :roflmfao:
  15. Have fun!!