Preloved Frivole Between The Finger ring

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  1. Hi all, I came across a preloved Frivole Between The Finger ring that was purchased in 2010. The seller is asking for ~US$3400 (converted from my local currency). Condition stated is as new. But it only came with receipt and box. Would you consider this a good buy if the condition is really as stated? I have yet to see the actual ring.

    Also may I know does the boutique offer cleaning and polishing services for jewellery without the authenticity certificate? And how much roughly would the service cost? I am thinking if they take it in to clean and polish, it'll indirectly be authenticating it for me right?

    Thanks in advance for all the advise!

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  2. Would appreciate any advise. Anyone?
  3. I would not advise you to buy it. The beat option is to save money and buy it from the boutique.
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  4. It is a very good deal to be missed. If it is an authentic piece, VCA should take it for polishing, unless it has just been polished. Just make sure you are be able to return it, in case there is a problem.
    BTW, I have the same ring and love it!
  5. I have the same ring and LOVE it, I do not think this is faked. VCA will polish for about $300. They will not polish if not authentic. It is a great deal.
    The ring is $6100 .
  6. Sorry for my delayed response. Thank you for your advise, lightpinkdaisy. I have checked with our local boutique that they indeed do take in jewellery for polishing even without authenticity. I'll probably request the owner to send it in for polishing and I will subsequently go and pick it up together with her.

    Just curious, does the surface of the petals get scratched easily?
  7. Thank you, sjunky13! I am deliberating getting this or Chanel coco crush ring. This is more expensive but certainly more luxurious. Though a friend asks if this is as recognisable as the coco crush (as in she feels that with the money spent on luxury items, people should be able to tell that it's not just any ring). :P
  8. OMG, this is so much better than the Chanel ring and I love Chanel.

    That is the best part about VCA, only cool ppl know what it is! lol. ;)
  9. I prefer to buy my branded jewelry from a company who's speciality is jewelry like VCA or Cartier and I prefer to buy my handbags and shoes from a company who's speciality is handbags and shoes like Chanel, Hermes or LV. If VCA sold handbags I would still go with Chanel. So for the ring I would go with VCA. Of course that is just me and my personal opinion.
    The VCA BTF Frivole is a beautiful piece of jewelry and IMO has more presence than the Chanel Coco Crush ring.
    The MAIN thing is that you choose the one YOU love!
  10. Thanks again, sjunky13. The owner wasn't sure of the ring size, may I know is it engraved on the inner band of the ring? I didn't want to waste her time meeting up if it doesn't even fit.
  11. Thank you, PennyD2911. I agree that between the 2 rings the VCA BTF Frivole is definitely a better buy. Just that I fell in love with the older model of the Chanel ring many many years ago and it still tugs at my heart strings. :P
  12. I must say ITA with you. I have bought jewelry from Hermes, but I kind of regret it. Wish I'd bought more VCA or Cartier instead! :graucho:

  13. Same here.🙂

  14. As I said, the important thing is for you to choose the piece you love. 🙂
  15. My ring is marked inside with the VCA and the size, it is right where the ring curves.

    If you lust after the Chanel ring, then get it. Maybe try both on if you can and see which looks better. :smile: