Preloved Demellier. Was this a mistake?


Jun 6, 2014
I wanted a Demellier Oslo in Cognac, and I was surprised to find one on eBay - new without tags. Only catch is, it has a monogram on the strap.

Anyway, I decided the monogram didn't matter, if I got the bag for a good price. So I placed a bid and I've won the bag today for £107 plus postage.

It seems like a good price, and the bag looks genuine in the pics but I can't help wondering why someone would get it monogrammed, then not used it. Also why would they remove the tags? Could it be stolen or faulty?

I'm not used to buying Preloved, and I've never bought Demellier before.


Sep 12, 2009
I can not attest to purchasing a preloved DeMellier on ebay, however I noticed the same thing with Aspinal of London goods. Lots for sale with "monograms" that look like they may have been practice pieces. I have seen some for sale that look like someone drove over them with a truck too.
I dont know that they are a big enough company to warrant a knock off, however i DO know if you have the bag monogrammed you may not return it. I have an older style I purchased last year when I was visiting London that I got monogrammed. I never use the monogrammed strap (I like switching out straps to add personality). If it feels well made, good quality and sturdy consider it a win. That is an incredible price for their bags - even by the conversion rate!!