Preloved Chanel mini flap, GHW!!!!!!

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  1. hey gals!

    so i think i am becoming a preloved kinda girl...its cheaper, but still has great quality and still looks gorgeous. i found a seller that is selling a chanel mini flap in GHW, and i love it! ive been needing a classic mini chanel for a while, and i finnaly found one! i think the caviar texture, and the GHW looks amazing! im sooo excited! looks like the majority of my bags are going to be preloved! i love...preloved! :P

    here are the photos the seller sent me! :smile: what do you think!? :smile::lol:;):P:cool::graucho::biggrin::smile:

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  2. It's gorgeous! :smile:
  3. Looks great and in good condition. Good find, congrats.
  4. Gorgeous pre-loved mini! Congrats!
  5. GORGEOUS! I have this and I love it! :P
  6. really??? you have this exact same one?? how does mine look to yours? apparently Chanel doesn't have as good quality control and some mini flaps come out better then others...
  7. but im still excited! :biggrin:
  8. it looks great! get it... so hard to find caviar minis these day. congrats!!
  9. congrats!!! it's still gorgeous even it's pre-loved. I believe this combination is hard to find. Enjoy your bag.
  10. Super cute! Congrats!!
  11. ya it definitely was hard to find! i guess i got lucky!
  12. thanks guys!!!!
  13. So adorable and gorgeous! Congrats!!!
  14. So cute!!!
  15. Congrats on your find!!! I love square mini too! and It's hard to find square in caviar!! Enjoy!!! :heart:;)