preloved chanel flap vs. emp. ombre artsy?


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Aug 13, 2011
Hi guys, within the next month and a half I want to get a new bag. I've spent SOO much money on jewelry the past couple of months... I can't even add it up in good conscious and then between December- February I bought my alma and rayure sarah... I NEED to slow down!!!!! So my bf said he'll put in money toward whatever I want for my bday at the end of the month so this will be the last thing I buy for a while unless I sell stuff!

So I am debating if I should buy a black medium flap/ (or maybe brown?) reissue 255 from chanel (both gold hardware) or if I should go ahead and get the emp. artsy via a friend who is a flight attendant and can buy it for me in france... in ombre...

I mean eventually, however long it takes I would like both... But for now and for a while... what would you choose?? Because I don't know when it will be the next time I get another bag like this because I do want to get a love bangle as well...

Thanks for helping!


Apr 23, 2011
İ' m fan of chanel, even though i say get the artsy ombre made in france from paris, it is really tdf, and i m contemplating to get one too but in infini..

For chanel, you should try everything in store then go and hunt on the preloved one, i' m telling it from my personal experience.

So get artsy now, later when u are on ban search for ur next chanel


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May 6, 2010
I am a classic girl, and i vote for the chanel flap in black or nude. The artsy and the flap are 2you totally different "looks", so you must ask yourself what you would use more. For me i have enough lv for the moment, and am building up my other designer collections/brands ie chanel/tory burch/burberry/..thats the mood i am in currently, hence my vote! Let us know what you decide! Good luck!


May 17, 2010
I would say get whatever you need more in your life now. One is gianormous and the other is more a going out bag ( unless you get the reissue in 227... Still, it wont fit as much as the Artsy). Both of them will be going to go up in price sooner or later (isnt that what happens every year just like the changing of the seasons?) so think hard about it~~