Preloved Canard GSH or Pine GSH? Owners chime in!

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  1. I'm thinking of buying preloved and these are what I'm eyeing right now... Both are almost the same price.

    Which would you prefer?

    Pine seems to be in better condition but I'm concerned it would be so dark? I would like a colored bag and if Pine looks like black at first glance then I may not like it.. For some reason the GSH doesn't seem to pop as much.. I don't know why. Maybe the combo is off?

    The Canard looks really versatile and really chic with the GSH but boy it looks a tad beat up at the bottom! Lol. Nothing I can't live with (I think).

    Which leather is better? Which would you get?

    And would you buy a bag with scuffs and cracks on the edges?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Pine GSH for me, gorgeous goat leather and very rare combo!!:drool::drool:
  3. If it were for me, it would definitely be the Pine!
  4. I can't see a link to the photos?
  5. My volte is for pine!!!!
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