Preliminary Grenat City Pictures

  1. Yay! Got my bag. Well, I don't physically have it but a wonderful fellow Pfer has picked it up for me and she's awaiting postage in Paris. Here are the pics she sent me. I CAN'T WAIT!!! Weeeeeeeeee!
    IMG_1532.jpg IMG_1533.jpg IMG_1534.jpg IMG_1535.jpg IMG_1536.jpg IMG_1537.jpg IMG_1538.jpg IMG_1539.jpg IMG_1540.jpg IMG_1541.jpg
  2. Here are some more pics. She's such a sweetie, even watermarked them for me!
    IMG_1542.jpg IMG_1544.jpg IMG_1545.jpg IMG_1546.jpg
  3. Omfg... this is such an amazing bag!! :love: Congrats Cal!! You go girl!! :yahoo::rochard:
  4. that's hot!!! it looks so red! oh no i love red!
  5. Oh my, Cal! She's beautiful!!! Looks quite light-coloured in the pics, almost more like the berry-red of 05 rouge.
  6. Thanks Ladies! I'm so excited, hopefully will have her by next week. Woooooot.
  7. hey Cal 0o0o0o0o thats SO wonderful that your got a PF-er to get your b-bag for you!!! 00o0o0o0o0 so super sweet!!!
    your b-bag looks wonderful!!! the pics a just awesome - but i bet its totally MORE beautiful in real life!!! congrats!!!! ***hugs***
  8. That grenat color is so pretty! I bet you cannot wait to get your hands on the gorgeous bag! Congrats and thanks for sharing your pics.
  9. Wow... it's so beautiful... is it the oxblood from fall 06 color? I never thought that I'm going to love this color.. but I'm wrong!! After seeing this pics, I'm in love with this color... thanks for sharing the pics..
  10. Yep, it's the F/W 2006 Oxblood. I'm super-excited! Thanks for all your kind words.
  11. It's beautiful, cal!!! Congrats! Love that color!!!:love:
  12. cal, DY-NO-MITE!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: i bet you are just on edge to get your bag! your grenat looks absolutely gorgeous. the leather is perfectly distressed. i'm so excited for you! congrats and enjoy!

    also, that is so sweet of a PFer to pick that up for you.
  13. I saw the grenat in rl yesterday and it is a terrific color! Congrats!!! I can't wait until you get it and able to post more pics!!!
  14. Actually, the Grenat is a true Wine color (hmmm - a nice French Burgundy {with some brown dirt mixed in} comes to mind :lol: !).
  15. Congrats Cal !!!
    Your bag is really beautiful:love: , and the leather seems:heart: !!!

    If only my Grenat First could arrive quickly:cry: !!