Pregnant Salma Hayek Collapses

  1. I hope she's okay for the baby's sake.
  2. oh no! i hope she's doing well as well as the baby.
  3. she needs to take it easy for abit me thinks :smile:
  4. Oh no! I hope she's okay.
  5. Oh my goodness!! I hope that she's ok :s
  6. happened twice to me during my pregnancy - and I know some people that had much worse than that. it is just the blood circulation - she should take a bit easier but it can happen. well at least I hope it is that. if it is, no biggie, just distressing.

    hope she is ok.
  7. She was just spotted shopping in Paris, so hopefully she just rests a bit more. Best wishes to them
  8. One of my pregnancies had me feeling lightheaded often--so scary. Hopefully she's ok and her baby is fine.
  9. I hope she's ok!
  10. I hope she's fine. She's such a cute pregnant woman.