~~*Pregnant Mommies - Post Your Outfits*~~

  1. Hi thank you! yes Im due anytime and I survived the whole 9mos w/o any maternity wear including underwear:biggrin:
  2. 28 weeks, shopping for Christmas presents in a Soon Maternity dress, Lovisa necklace & Haviana thongs (nothing else fits :sad: )
  3. Awwwww....you look so cute!!! Congrats!! I have not been on this thread since I gave birth in May. Love to see more from everyone who are preggers!!
  4. Glad to hear someone else did too! I refused to buy things that would only work for a short period of time... Yay for empire waists!
  5. I am only 10 weeks with twins in this picture (now singleton born 7 weeks ago!).

    (Non-materinity) dress from Simons in Montreal. It's very flattering when not pregnant but even moreso in early pregnancy!

    Unfortunately my late pregnancy outfits were nowhere near as stylish :p
  6. Soooo cute!!! You look great!
  7. Very cute!!!
  8. wow all of you look amazing !!!!!!
  9. You look beautiful. :yes:
  10. Gorgeous! :smile:
  11. LOVE these! :smile:
  12. Thank you!!!!
  13. Since I'm mom2be, I would love this tread to be more activ. Before I was pregnant I always thought that it is easy for pregnant ladies to find clothes but now... Boy, I'm really having a hard time finding something to wear since my belly is starting to show. I'm only in my 4th month and always had very slim tummy so already all pants/jeans are hard to zip up :sad:
  14. Congrats!!! When I was pregnant I wore only leggings. They are so comfy. I never bought any maternity tops because the fit was not right on me. I bought larger tops from different places like Forever 21, Target and H&M since the prices were reasonable. Good luck!!!:smile::smile:
  15. Thank you! The thing is- I really hate leggings, my legs look... Well not so good as they look in jeans. And def will buy just larger tops/tshirts in H&M and Zara, I have decided that I won't spend so much money on pregnancy clothes. And hopefully will regulary post pics here ;)